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Howling the pack in formation appears
Diamonds and clubs, light misted fog, the dead
Waving us back in formation,
The pack in formation
Look up in the sky
They said on a radio station
They're up quite high
Flying in a V formation

Here come the geese 
Here come the geese

Control, formation, G.O.D., information.

Control, formation, G.O.D., information.
Believe me when I tell you we know who you are - information,
You tell them Carlie 
See Janet and me have clouds yes we have our clouds
So many and so many great formations 
Who's this song about don't hurt
In this public place
Lies fly in formation
Candid fiction spreads its wings
It's deceptive at this angle
Does truth dance?
Does truth sing?
Rivers of fear run cold
Ice castle formation
Frozen tears escape eternal frost

Hope and desire fade
Fury in the emperor's eyes
Cast here for
What light spirals lifting up to go
Glass formations solar angels spread their wings

Spectral gliders drifting in the air
Wheels of wonder
shine their beauty unto me
I wish you could see them

Tectonic tribulation formed a crust of green beyond the reef
Waves fell in formation 'cause
Cause the plants to bend with spi-ked leaves
I'm growing with the land
Time has taken my hands and let me touch them

Hey, hey,
A billion
A windy day
The cars in slow formation
Not far away
A final destination

One mother's son
His father's distant gaze, regretting
Where they
the sun, the desecration of salvation
The end is near, elected false messiah
Plan put in gear, the formation of damnation

[Chorus: x2]

Eyes, see,
Communications were all down
Connecting voices in the air
New formations moving sound
Then came what I could not explain
I felt a hand turned around and saw
is talkin' to me
She's the giver of constant animation
All around and ready to make a new formation
You're the reason I'm in this world...

I don't
that's bleeding, the rock that's breathing, the war that's in our blood
Rapid formations, and celebrations, my Universe shall march

Through love
lead my mind
I feel like calling the rain
I feel like calling the rain

Daguely and clearly
Threatning and knocking
Dark cloud formation
Communications were all down
Connecting voices in the air
New formations moving sound
Then came what I could not explain
I felt a hand turned Oround and saw
1 lie 2 lies 3 lies 4 lies 5 lies
Flying in formation now the word is out
6 lies 7 lies 8 lies 9 lies 10 lies
Bouncing out of the sun two hands
You looked around you, nobody had taken
Any notice of what you saw
Against the evening sky, a formation
A million black birds looking like one
The cosmic rivers curse
Denial of all recreation

Wind, Water, Earth, Fire - Invincible!
Autumn-twice, Winter-thrice
River and Rock
A new
You’ve got suspicions, but I’ve got promise.

Get. Some. Freedom.
Whatever you want, together we’re in formation.
Just. Like. Everyone.
All of it now,
Your mask is drifting
See what writhes beneath

Porcelain grin is cracking, incest to uncoil
Your laugh spreads yawning, black hole formation
Beneath the formations in stone
Fragments of evil corrode
Tragic creation in rust
Fire in rain it explodes
Inside our dead blind mind
Our mutiny
We endeavor to seek peace
In this state of control
Forced in formation
Uprise in the dead design

The newborn are faced with unreason
First time I saw you (In-formation)
First time I saw you (In-formation)
I'll give you everything, everything
Locked up with me, I want you to be
the field I noticed a human circle formation
Standing at the edge of a yet uncovered grave deep in mourn
Buried and forgotten
In the dark and cold