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The unseeing eyes of the blinded pupils
Unseeing guidance, the lead of the blind dogs
Token gestures from life-long investors
Questions only for
and twisted
Unseeing eyes, staring into nothingness
fallen crowns
Grieving swords lay all around
As the swan song touches the mountainside
Unseeing eyes look at you

Can't you hear it
Hear the sorrows
already know how good it will be 
We slip out from the unseeing crowd, we find what we need 

In the heart of the night we run like bandits
be the hour

Of serpent and the flower
Blessed be the day
When your strength is torn away
You've named your saint and sinners
With your unseeing
as a gun --
She worships the sun
She worships the sun

I lie beneath the ground
My eyes are unseeing
My name is gone from all the files
The tombs are
A tumbling nightmare
I lay drowning in your arms
Unseeing visions... your release
I dream of you once more

And in this waking hour
She comes again
Unknowing, unseeing
Revelations unfold before your eyes
Relenting, repenting.
No time to think or compromise
Time falling, time calling
Into a void
with thy much clearer light
When to unseeing eyes thy shade shines so

How would, I say mine eyes be blessed made
By looking on thee in the living
Unblinking, unseeing, trapped in your being
The issue of tissue, but that's just not the issue
Strapped up and stinking, what were you thinking?
unseeing eyes
Of mankind's blind ambitions and desires

The wisdom of humanity is wasted on you all
You pushed us into corners of a tortured paradise
(ian hunter)

His feet lay heavy on the road that led to birmingham
Unseeing eyes, defeated cries, the mysteries of men.
Many hears, the helpless
People turn around with unseeing eyes.
They're looking for something that doesn't exist.
The world you once knew is being eaten up by rust.
Terminal eyes at the edge of the night
Shadows on the ceiling, coffee cup congealing
Eyes that look unseeing, hands that look unfeeling
Terminal eyes, I
Seems so clear
Like staring so long unseeing for someone to light inside a
Darkened room

Then try your tender love
Push you back till there`s
Seems so clear
Like staring so long unseeing for someone to light inside a
Darkened room

Then try your tender love
Push you back till there's
The order of chaos welcomes you
Knowing is just a feeling & feelings worth nothing
Just keep on searching blind and unseeing
Looking for something seeking
drops of dew
Feel the ice melt to warm tears in my eyes
Uner the light of a tin sun
Do not ask me how I know
The effect of light on unseeing eyes
and no-one seemed to care for any meaning
My life was my own, The debt I paid, I paid it only to myself.

The unseeing youth, how can it be so shallow
up in the satellites 
I'm so far and gone to ever get it right 
Through unseeing eyes, day dreaming again 

Eternity is seemingly an endless
Intemperate malice in the extreme
Forms are twisted, Everfalling
Crescent skies, the wait, The calling
Eyes unseeing, Stars rearrange
Tears of our blood
want? Scrapings from the pit?
Why don't they give us something which isn't just their lies,
Their own particular angle from their own unseeing eyes?
the nation

In the year 1996
There is no need for politics
Seeing life with unseeing eyes
Seeing man see through the disguise

In the year 1997
eyes unseeing,
Half-heard words beseeching,
Help me as I helped you,
Help me now I need you.

The enchantment is gone, the ghost disappears,
feel so cold inside memory came to me
Matter of pride. Anger runs thorugh me

So we have parted unseeing unchanged
Who's defeated? Who eliminated