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the door at 8 p.m.
And my razor blades will cut down your entrance
Detective instinct
Detective instinct
The man at the bar had a v-neck vest on
No, it
Through the flesh and bone
Table dripping blood
Victim full of holes

Suffer, merciless

Five nails through the
Five nails through the neck

guy,fly guy wit a nice gown gucci top with the nikes high, or the Lv with the v neck T fly, so fly on the beach..beach chair loud damn shampaign from
your dirty love
(I just want your dirty love)

Cockroaches do it
In garbage cans
Rug merchants do it
In Afghanistan
Santorum did it
In a V-neck
to Madrid
'Cause that's the Spanish in me
Broke my neck until three
You broke my neck until four
You broke my neck until five
I was out there floating down
nothing underneath your v-neck tee
I'm begging I'm begging
I'm begging you please now

Tell me that you want me
Tell me that you need me
Tell me
hoodie on!)
All white V-Neck clean!
(Wit' my hoodie on!)
Fresh out the box! So boss!
(Wit' my hoodie on!)
I drop my steez on!
(Wit' my hoodie on!)
I like my jeans real nice and skinny
And I like my v-necks and my tanks
To hang a little loose.

I like growing out my hair,
Wearing my
bowling cool and she wrote the book
Uh huh

She drinks diet Coke and she don't ever tease her hair
I like those black stretch pants and v-neck sweaters
can you disagree with that , versace on me
Got gold on the V-neck I'm passing every G check
Didn't fuck her for a month and never had a regret
It was
And I'm growing tried
I'm growing tired
It's my favorite mangle
A fanciful tangle
That went down like the [V-neck?] fantastic spastic
ahead of myself, because I wanted to flirt 

Took off the G-strings and the V-neck skirt 

Put my eho up here 

E - Yeah it's time to do work 

V-neck t-shirt, true re-ligion
Dats how we roll

Straight jeans and fitted
Ina white t-shirt we did it
We rock dose shades to di limit
chains, turn my V neck to a collar

Keep my gangsta pimpin' on and on
She ain't worried about it
Long as this paper stackin' on
I ain’t worried bout it
Double Wide Blues, I got the blues, Double wide
V-neck t-shirt, with a mustard stain.
Holdin' up a hose, outside in the rain.
He's been my
Double Wide Blues
I got the blues, Double wide.

V-neck t-shirt, with a mustard stain.
Holdin' up a hose, outside in the rain.
He's been my
bout to wild out
Call it a v neck
Took a nine out

750 luck
750 head
Bitch I don't even know what 750 is


We told you
Goose me hater
I get that Loose leaf Paper
Them V-Necks be studded out
T-Rex be gutted out
Told Nicki be chilling them
I'mma keep hurting they
a red bone she look tropic
If she f*** me right then she shopping
Young money we poppin'
I eat these rappers, Anthony Hopkins
See that V-neck, that's

She made it hard to leave as she stood by the door
In a V-neck T-shirt and nothing more
Than a single tear rolling down her cheek, whoa

Don't go
Five fingers crawl
Around your neck
The more you live
The more they take
The more you breathe
The more they want
Five fingers cross
Upon your
cause she have to
I hit it raw while I'm listening to Papoose
No respect cause you wear a V-neck
I mean stress, pressure that could even make Keith
my neck until four, broke my neck until five
[Jandek] I was out there floating
[woman] Down a river to Madrid / [Jandek] ...Madrid, lookin' at the sky
rock the v-neck tees, wrinkly jeans
Old people askin' me, "do you sleep in them jeans?"
I reply, "no, sir or ma'am, this is the style"
Big smile, I
Emerald City
Call it Ox Town, trust me, I give you fifty
V necks on a different level
Staple your collar bone, you don't want no bass treble

I feel

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