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the lead
So when it flies, it's hard to read
You've got to tip your head to see
Flying V, Flying V

It's a V
In the window of a music store,
the lead
So when it flies, it's hard to read
You've got to tip your head to see
Flying V, flying V

It's a V
In the window of a music store or on stage
mean the world
Just some sexing and some sweating in between us girl
Show me your loving is all mine
This is chapter V (chapter V, whoa, whoa)
love (one love) 
welll (there's only one love)    The O, the O, the O, the O
One love (one love) 
ohhhhh (one love)                and the V, the V,
The money or dead presidents, whatever you call it
So come one Cool V, go for it!

{Cool V scratches his own name again and "I do damage!"}

What I've got is what you need
L, O, V, E, love
Say, what I've got is what you need
L, O, V, E, love

I've got the love if you need it, baby
as cubes in ya ice tea
I used to dream 'bout a Benz now I own like 3
I gotta wine-colored V, with the wine-colored V
And reclined leather seats, I ain't
at the catwalk
Jealously is my fuel
At the catwalk

You won’t see me lose my cool
Lights on, cameras, looks on me
I make the front page of every magazine
gotta know, Bobby V, Bobby V
Timothy, Timothy time to bring in the hook, baby, uh!

I wanna know, I wanna know your name
Your name, your name, why you
Remember V, the old show we used to watch that? 
Yo, you know what I mean?! We 'bout to set it! 
Know what I'm sayin'! We 'bout to take y'all, you know
Frag jeglichen Händler nach S (A, V, A, S) 

Ihr wollt Lines schreiben, tight rhymen, Hits releasen wie S
Am Mic sein, mit Rhymes Kids
L, is for the way you look at me
O, is for the only one I see
V, is very, very extraordinary
E, is even more than anyone that you adore can
and it's killing me inside,


you, V, A, it's getting stronger every...

Day by day.

Blinded by the white lie, running for your life.

So kill
A - B - C - D - E - F - G
H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P
Q - R - S - T - U- V,
W - X - Y and Z

Now I know my A - B - C's
Next time won't
Once I had a secret code,
Where A was be	, and be	 was G.
G was K, and K was J;
And J was M, and M was P.

V was X, and X was V,
And you was I,
a year
All of a sudden, ten years later "I hear music"

"I hear music"

Cool V, give me a drum roll

I can't believe how hip-hop has
M, 4, V, T, see and H
Might need to provide this number at the gate
Steady pilot because I'm half afraid
I can't believe you'd ask me that
s, t, u,
V, w, x, m, e, a, t
know, we don't need some Bobby V, I know
I really need some Bobby, you really need some Bobby
I know, we don't need some Bobby V, so baby

Let me tell
to the E, to the V, to the I, to the N
That's where it starts, here we go


Goodbye, goodbye
you know that I'm
The, oh-riginal be, I-Z-M-A-R, K-I with E
And if you think it's me, no, I think it's the
C-double-O-L V, and my man D-O-C
I get
Fini les rediff', ils sont dépassés
Pour effacer les ligues, pas de polémique
Je vais les Famas-er puis les dépecer

Ton col en V, faut l'enlever
In '97 don't be alarmed, Gravediggaz drop
(Da Bomb! Da Bomb! Da Bomb!)
G, are, A, V, E, D (Da Bomb!)
I, double G, A to the zig zag Z
yet to find a remedy
So shorty feelin' me the way I be dressin'
She like my white tee, neck V, Polo pressin'
My tie gold and purple and my
Nunca mais eu convidei minha menina
Para correr no meu carro (loucura, chiclete e som)
Nunca mais você saiu a rua em grupo reunido
O dedo em V, cabelo

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