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I'm callous, remorseless
Sympathy just seems so useless
Black-hearted and worthless
Desensitized and ruthless
Compassion vacated
I'm so
Reverberate through vacated lives.
Punished for ignorance.
Extinction is your sentence
Ransacks and loots, vacated suits
And a pistol points but never shoots, 
Army sitting in a locomotive yard without their boots

Upstairs your man is
Her apartment has been re-vacated
Perhaps she is now in a home
Or perhaps she is just bone
Or perhaps she is just bone
Or perhaps she is just bone
Vacated board room with wine on the whitest teeth

The guiltiest movements the ponders secrets can keep
You say you love me but if you could see
belive we've got to learn from their mistakes not just fill up this vacated place now's the time long ago it's time to prove this ain't no show fight
piggy's house is made of brick,
Must have vacated, or mislocated,
There's just toys, toys in the attic

Chorus (hey, is anybody home? )
Knock, knock, who's
Across the sky 
It's a terrible secret 
That i kept from you 
I vacated my soul on the brokenhearted avenue 
We could begin 
We could begin 
We could
the nod from Kane that I'll be enforcing

Kane's gang had no imply the Delucas had staked out the vacated building for eight days
They knew about his way
the topics that them talk about has got me annoyed
You see I heard it all before, there's no need to repeat it
The forms I vacated, might as well delete it
bust a fat ass nut, then I woke up next
Like, what the fuck is goin' on here?
This bitch evaporated, pussy and all just picked up and vacated
And now
on here?
This bitch evaporated, pussy and all just picked up and vacated
And now I'm frustrated cause my dick was unprotected

And doctor Wesley tellin'
when it came to this rap, 
You should've vacated the premises 
Make way for a chilla, guerilla, down low killa 
Get loopbtin civil, next up 

Yo I
no to anybody
I ain't never, had a friend like him
I'm feeling vacated by destiny, wish I was in the wind like him
He took me to the Kappa for
black jack in the casino
The man dealing cards, looked like Brian Eno
I ran to tell my bad-bone crew
But by time I got upstairs
They had vacated the room
You couldn't mind your business, so when it came!
Throned to this rap, you should have vacated the premises
And make way for Attilla, thriller,
rappin', now I'm makin' money ? I can't duck my niggas
Get vacated, don't come around to say fuck my niggas (Enough of that)
The same niggas that'll drown in
V1 (24)
The premises get vacated?The millisecond I kill the seven niggas that play jaded/
Within a record I chill the tepid temperatures they've