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baritone, W. Bell - alto, W. Joseph Sr. 
W. Bokes & W. Eugene - trmbs. C. Kerr & E. Thompson
& E. Nash -trumpets. S. Quezergue - shaker.
New Orleans. Watch
baritone, W. Bell - alto, W. Joseph Sr. 
W. Bokes & W. Eugene - trmbs. C. Kerr & E. Thompson
& E. Nash -trumpets. S. Quezergue - shaker.
New Orleans. Watch
Put on my blue suede shoes
And I boarded the plane
Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues
In the middle of the pouring rain 

W. C. Handy
(C.W. McCall, B. Fries, C. Davis)
From the album Wilderness

[C.W. clears his throat.]
Roy. By C.W. McCall.

[The only musical instrument heard is
In the desert with a bottle of J.D.
The red pipe glows with lines of c.
Things are normal but they won't be soon.
Hairy monsters in the next room.
[Words: W. Süssenbeck / Music: Böhm, Pichlbauer, Koritar]


(C.W. McCall, B. Fries, C. Davis)

Did you see me at Westport Landing
On the wide Missouri shore?
Did you hear the west wind calling
In the spring
that really ever could
Feed, that hunger, I crave it
I love it, I gave it
I shove it in a battery and save it for later
A waiter in the Dorothy C.
much drama, in the YSP
It's kinda hard, being C. W-A-are-D
But I, somehow some way
Keep coming up with funky ass shit, like every single day
Dj Supreme steps on the wild side
Dj Supreme steps on the wild side
Dj Supreme steps on the wild side
Dj Supreme play the field

Dj Supreme feel
the Dorothy C. Pavilion in '89
I met some weirdoes and had myself a real good time
Downtown L.A. is a soul graveyard

Where you got to be hard or get jacked
on history, 
I'll be in the English grammar slammer, 
And I got a C. 
Got a warning last semester, 
Told my mom and that depressed her, 
Promised dad I won't be
into the fields
And she went into the marsh
With a satchel on her back
To find the bats and to find the herbs
While the raven was sitting on her neck
John jumper, Eleanor Poker with the Mac
Me and C. Goines, bible material
Words collide, we might pop up in your cereal
Rock you twice, rock your wife
a crew a hog's wit me
And V.I.P. yo from mad dog 20/20
Dub C. chunkin up at 23th
And better go still swiss hangin' like a testicle

Lick 1, 2 to the nose,
turn One day the fields will burn One day the seas will churn The fury of out maker's hand

Man is a mistake cast out Shunned and cast down Giving life
Icebergs are scraping big holes across the bottoms 
Of luxury liners across the crooked seas.
Mantises are praying in the dirt in fields of garlic.
Fellas, grab your shoes
Cars and cruise
Ladies, grab a hand
Step in 2's
C. West, Gunnaz
Know 112 is rockin' this

Everybody groovin'
love and green stamps
W.C. Fields with Mae West in your eyes
They say every clock's a blunt instrument
Crushing the skull
But you've got a vise to rest
No nation’s lost more men than Uncle Sam
From the fields of France to Ewo Afghanistan
No, freedom isn’t free
Neither is liberty
It ain’t
Stuffin', stuffin' 
Stuffin' buddy 
H) Mike On the Mic 
Here's another one for ya'll to pee 
It's called M.I.K.E. on the M.I.C. 
I met this girl
Write 8 bars about me nigga
I do this shit all day 50
Curtis Jackson
Boo boo
Marcus snitch
Black wall street c. e. o. mother fuckas
Hurricanes in
So the same freedom fighters, George W. call 'em terrorists
Poetic justice, payback's a bitch, these fuckin hypocrites
Like Bill O'Reilly,
para decírtelo de frente tu sabes) 

Sin pensarlo yo me envolví 
(W el sobreviviente y Yandel) 

Dejate llevar y vuelve y dime que si 
(Franco "el
Hi out there. This is Shaun Goldberg and you're listening to W-A-N-K
This evening I've got someone really interesting with me.
He's over from old

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