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Wacko · Skip & Wacko


Wacko Magneto (Ednaswap) · Wacko Magneto (Ednaswap)

Doo wacko!

Here is to you honey
But I'm out of your league
Never gonna pass me
'Cause I'm out of your league, your league,
Your league
'Bye New York, so long Philly
Hollywood your Wacko City
Chicago got just too damn windy for me
Frisco's fine apart from that line
New Orleans is
Things don't look too good to me.
I feel I'm out of luck
And all because of swollen glands
And just one stupid fuck.
This wacko came from Alabama
better stay with me. Ah wacko.
Oh ho.

So in the mornin', please don't say you love me
'Cause you know I'll only kick you out the door
Yeah, I'll pay
Me Up)

Hit Me With A Wonk Riff
Get The Beatles On The Phone
Echo With A Bass Lick
Fizz The Wacko For The Tone
Queue It For The Low Shake
Make Mine
desire and not a tick
Wanna cut off every unimportant part
They think I am wacko and not very smart
Others like children, animals or pain
People always blame us for the things we like to do
Ever since we jumped this wild and wacko roundabout
Supersonic youth a restless breed that
1, 2, 3, 4 bust it
Come on, come on
Juvenile, Wacko, Skip

Where that Melph at
Where the Yo at
Where that Thomas at
Where VL
Glorious like a horror story
The mask is like Jason
They told the place not to let the basket type case in
He could be some kind of wacko
oratory, glorious like a horror story

The mask is like Jason
They told the place not to let the basket type case in
He could be some kind of wacko
Here's some flowers
'Cause we're livin' on love
Let's drink to everything we've got
Let's dance for everything we're not
And for the wackos
1, 2, 3, 4, bust it
C'mon, c'mon
Juvenile, Wacko, Skip

Where dat Melph at?
Where da Yo at?
Where dat Thomas at?
Where VL at?
Y'all hear that Nolia
a bitch like her
Half a pound of good weed, then float through Gowanus
Brilliant master, sixteenth chapel in the Apple
Flooded up, Warridge wackos
Say, what's up with the wackos, and the black hoes
And the hispanics and white b****es that like n****s
That like liquor, run like Swishers
That wanna
Hack-hack-hack put you in the sack parked out back, your racked

Low lean losing proud rummy
Never underestimate you ain't no dummy
the rest feel like they gotta rap like Drake or Mac Miller? Not me!
Rap immaculately I'm spectacular, dracula
I'm a fuckin wacko thats a track killer
Lick it pull it love it suck it 

Headro homo how about wacko 
Not a jacko no you lamo 
You got to lick it suck it touch it
Lick it pull it love it
up, look at em and see they butt 
I'm 22 with 10 ends so there that go 
You hear that flow, and drove the underground wacko 
Every since 12 I've been
John: Rev us up!
Gee-Tar: Voom-va-voom!
Big Deal: Cha-chung!
Action: Wacko-jacko!
A-Rab: Digga-digga-dig-dumb!
Riff: Now, protocality calls for a war
Ya'll a bunch of wacko jacko's, amped off your names
Call me Sugar Ray, the way I dance on you lames
My right hand'll sting you and ding you, leave
a fool I'm a nutta
Gone off the butta
I'm from Vallejo, California Houston to Calcutta
Gone wacko off tobacco mixed with the dough dough
You squares ain't
What's happening ladie's and gentlemen you're on that U.T.P. radio
And this is Juve Wacko and Skip with the new single
They up next, check it out
face like I'm a donkey
I'm bonkers, I'm wacko, I'm loopy, I'm zany
Say goodnight to the bad guy, and fuck you pay me
Explosive like a landmine, hot
with my balls and my word


Now the subject of this story 
Is about the boys
Runnin' around talkin 'bout how they ride this cars
heard the one about the loco cholo going solo?
Then I stuck him with my pencil!
"Or the one about th Mexican living the wacko life?"
I started