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The Wading Girl


No More Wading (Jen Wood)

Picture me rolling
Out in the open, baby I know
That you would notice
You have been hoping I wouldn't go

Should I be wading?
Should I be
What's the answer, I'll search till I die
Try a little harder I hear myself say
Make it last before it's taken away

Wading through the darkness

Sitting sideways
Something deep
Wading water
Pants at my knees
Fading with growth
Lie awake
Buried stones
All alone

Restore our needed
of green
I'm not there I won't be seen
I'm wading through the waters of my time
I'm wading through the waters of my time

Don't look for me in lands
Glass of gin and a folding chair. 
Sitting out by the wading pool, chlorine blue. 
Rush of wind passing over me. 
Restless nights. 
Chin up,
Milk the keel through tidal slough at dawn
On and on
Grating and lapping at the swollen stinking skin
In these little moments, get your cards out, I am waiting
In these little moments, lay your cards out, I am waiting
By the waterside summer wading
I'm goin' up field
Way up on the hillside
I'm goin' higher
Than I've ever been before
That's where you'll find me
Over the horizon
Wading in
say as long as you pay all your bills. 

Wading through the mess for your prize. 
Satisfied till you realize 
Your wading through the mess until
boys on the Nile

Goddamn the circumstance
That brought me here
And goddamn you my friends

I'm wading through the herds
Choke on my dying words
Wading in a sea of lilacs
Praise you in a shroud of violets
Dew is resting on my eyelids
God is smiling now

Wading in a sea of lilacs
I'm wading
Drifting down your seams
Count the waves
Feel your face
Taking lead
Give in
Ask me to stay
I want you
Wading in the midst of this singularity
Universe condensed to the size of a wave
Alien thoughts invade my mind, focus attention then denied
Wading trough lies
Knee-deep in filth
For a taste of their wisdom
The knowledge they preach
Man is but mice
Food for the cataclysm
Food for
dirt waves
Wading forth
Vapor space

How long has it been
Since we flew through shadows?
I have walked on many other planets

How long has it
and Earth
Wisdom and the knower
A planet collide
Divisible we fall

Hear dirt waves
Wading forth
Vapor space

How long has it been since we flew
I wish I could be someone else
But I don't have a clue at all
Oh, yeah

I'm sinking
You're wading
I'm thinking something's gotta give

deeper down - suck the sorrow dry
wading through the sewage that you left behind
the torture is slow
I could not pull the weight of the ache that
Should I just keep rolling 
All over this town 
Among the buildings 
And amid the sound 
Feels like I've been wading 
This whole season through
wading for

My father loved to watch the blondes
Burning down our street
So I learned to sing and to dance on water
At my mother's feet
What's left of you
To hold on to
Hold my head down under
You touch what you can't feel
You ought to break my silence
You know you
invitation only
In a welcome to frailty

Waiting is forever
Wading in the sound
Live and lapping waters
In a memory bound

The colors
I'm going upfield, way up on the hillside
I'm going higher than I've ever been before
That's where you'll find me, over the horizon
Wading in
the dream 

All you'll feel is pain and suffering 
Wading through samsara 

Yes but I've heard that before 
From those teachers of dreams 
But it's old
Letters smear like butterfly wings for this pulse which lost itself into mechanisms and diagrams. she found me upon lonely traveled roads wading