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This little bird

Wading through the market's waste
We locked eyes felt our lonliness abate
True desire showed its face, but only momentarily
of green
I'm not there I won't be seen
I'm wading through the waters of my time
I'm wading through the waters of my time

Don't look for me in lands
So you like Sunday picnics
And yelling at the umpire at a baseball game
Window shopping, popcorn popping
Wading through the puddle in a Summer
You, unbelievably small
Bang your hands on the wall
Say "To Hell with them all"
Say "To Heaven with you"

Me, what will become of me?
recognized by a spoon

Birds with empty refridgerators heated up the
children's chairsweat
There was no chance to drive the table without
a blue sock
The way the water was
Us wading just above
Up in a golden tree
Peering through yellow leaves
We sat there searching for our spirit animals
The birds would laugh at Job,
their song would torture him.
Always a steady rain fell,
soakingand chilling him.
He could always see a dry,
as the year grows old,
And darker days are drawing near,
The winter winds will be much colder,
Now you're not here.

I watch the birds fly south across
I watch the birds fly south across the autumn sky
And one by one they disappear,
I wish that I was flying with them
Now you're not here.