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Glass of gin and a folding chair. 
Sitting out by the wading pool, chlorine blue. 
Rush of wind passing over me. 
Restless nights. 
Chin up,
It's like having awakened from a dreamers dream
And I'll know
And you'll know
That you'll roll
Down the hole

And from a wading pool a christian
Fly by night, across dark water
Over the clouds, through space and time
Come and look for me
By the arch and the wading pool
By the old men
the wading pool is dirty, 
and I'm sickened. 
It hurts. 
I'm sick of repetition. 
An illness, spreading. 
Blinding my eyes. 
Erase my thoughts. 
Five years wading in the pool
With more rules than a Sunday school
Woke up, took a shower
Now I've got soul power
I smell a rat
I smell a rat
I know
My girl's like a wading pool, she's shallow and full of piss 
And I should have left a long time ago but the girl knows how to kiss 
I guess that
dry wind skies.
The sun visits you, shorelines undone,
Waits on wading ankles in shivering pools,
Just moving on (forget me not, dear).

the river
Wading in pools and washing my feet
May sleep be fitful and dreams delightful
In waking to You, may my spirit be sweet

May the windows be wide open
wading pool
In this waiting room
I elevate us down

In a neglected olive tree
Here is the part you reach for me
Say that you have no need of this
Say it
Tussaud's, they're running out the door

Bad boy McEnroe couldn't keep his cool
Now he's with the rest of 'em, wading in the pool
"Howard Hughes,
words I don't know what 
To do or say 

Wading through 
Warm canals and pools clear blue
The Tuscaroras flows into 
The prairie land 

Riding back
ripped wide
Hearts shudder and quit
They break and die

Wading in shallow water
You were meant to swim
One of Venus' daughters
Love is a whim
haze rising in a big plume
Everyone’s dissatisfied

The pools have dried 
The trial’s been tried
But the leak’s still spilling 
They don’t know
Here's my heart, baby take my hand

River from the currents to the pools
River turning kinder turning suddenly too cruel
River every season like
haze rising in a big plume
Everyone's dissatisfied 

The pools have dried the trial's been tried 
But the leak's still spilling they don't know what
can't wait another day 
I can't wait 

Fallen into circles of the colors 
Wading in the fire that feels like pools 
Wanting needing feeling one
Used to go skinny dipping
Trapping love in a lake
Wading slowly 
Gripping sun with a rake
Now the pool in your heart is frozen
And i never did

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