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It's a Waffle House Christmas (Hutchinson, Hutch)

It took a lifetime, but I finally found
The perfect waffle recipe
You'll never find a batter any better in this whole stinkin' town
One little
Do ya like waffles?
(Ya we like waffles)
Do ya like pancakes?
(Ya we like pancakes)
Do ya like french toast? 
(Ya we like french toast)
Waffle of the ancients
Way too much of bobby
Laying in the gutter
Abraham Lincoln beard.
In the deep of the darkest night
There's a beacon of yellow light at the waffle house
At the edge of the dark abyss
When confusion descends like this
Mawkish vulture undigniflies
Call him uncle and he will rise
From the newsstand mediate crapitation

Face me down
Death your crown
Bring your waffle
at the heart of it that's simply awful
A man who makes a living off a plastic waffle
There's something at the heart of it that's simply awful
A man who makes
a world in distress
Herpes, aids, the middle east at full throttle
Better check that sausage, before you put it in the waffle
And while you're at it, check
it's gonna be so grand
We'll have our fill from the grill as much as we can stand
It'll be so great with waffles on my plate
Cause we're going
Waffle making, kicking through the shins
Reputation gained through intimidation
Pacifism no longer tradition

Cause hey we're the Brews
When I woke up this morning
It was a beautiful, beautiful morning
There was:
Fresh better melting on a waffle

The sky so blue the clouds felt
to you

Waffle is the language that they taught you, taught you to talk
But you can't even get any angle 'cause you forgot how. keep on walking the walk

If you love it and you hate it
You just stay in a bind
Take it or leave it
Make up your mind

Mr. Ambivalent
Lord, you love to waffle
How you go
to Chick-Fil-A and eat

Man I love those Waffle fries (I know)
That Chick-Fil-A has got some good waffle fries (I'd say, that's right)
Maybe I'll get a diet Coke,
I saw my twin working in a Waffle House
The first birds of morning cackled
From the graveyard. In walked
The entourage, Big Silver Bus
on the waffle iron
Tore up the back room in D-natural
Wipe the smile off your face, baby
This stuff just ain't enough

Emptied out the medicine chest

welcome to my world

now you needed sheed a tear
because i got waffles and i got beer
and i've got Mr.Belvadear

Welcome to my world,
on a turned-on waffle iron
Smoke billowing up from between her legs made me vomit beautifully
And crush a chandelier
Fall on my stomach and view her from
Waffle making, kickin' through the shin
Reputation, gained through intimidation
Pacifism no longer tradition

Cause hey
We're the brews

Ate loaves of bread but gained no weight

From pecan waffles on the roof

The summer of my wasted youth

Summertime in '83

The last
Orange olive bagel beet
Watermelon waffle wheat

I am Ebenezer Bleezer,
I run Bleezer's ice-cream store,
Taste a flavor from my freezer,
You will
'Til that concrete drain was runnin' cherry red

Used to sit and drink coffee at the Waffle House
Had to spin up her wheels just to get it out
I'm the only one who ever sits here
So thank God for me
You're the lonley one with the waffle house apron
Who gets of on me
You're the apron
strapped to his back
He could eat more frozen waffles
Then any other man I know
Once he fell off the Chrysler building
And he barely even stubbed his toe
erupt (uh-huh)
2 AM now I'm gettin with her (what up?)
3 AM now I'm splittin with her (splittin with who?)
4 AM at the waffle house (waffle house)
the nights go quickly when you're asleep
But I'm out shufflin' for someplace to eat
Like a breakfast at the Egg House, a waffle on the griddle
I'm burnt