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All short fuse and bruises
Now I've had enough
Won't be your wage slave
Won't be jilted
Won't be stigmatized

I won't be seen with you again
do this for the rest of my life
Worthless wage slave making someone else rich

The mainstreams of existence are made unafordable
and tomahawks
On CNN, pay-per-view war

Rise, rise
Rise, rise

Hey wage slave where's your profit share?
They got ya down they're gonna keep you there
birth to dysfunction
Of industry where in notions of equality
Were controlled wage slaves are
Maintenance of this struggle for change
Take it back attack
Lately I've been working in a factory in an industry yeah
Lately I've been working in a factory wage slave that's me yeah
Lately I've been working
to tell you, was here and now I'm gone
You need a wages slave, but I sure ain't the one
I'm moving off the lot, just hire another act
I don't need what
Live as a wage slave to corporate greed
Or kill for cash
The governments whore
These are your choices because they prey on the poor
Seen the commercials
of human dignity,
Forced to live in poverty,
'cause in this land of the free
Our "freedom" is all fake.
We're wage slaves to the company,
Land slaves
Which lie is the one
That will take me
And which war
Generations of wage slave data
Family stories they said don't matter
When the last breath burns
I've never been to the U-S-A
I am a slave for the minimal wage
Detroit, New York and L-A
But I'm stuck in the U-K

I've never been to the U-S-A
leave or can you love?) you cannot say we owe you or this industry. 
Leave the starving wage slaves scraps that you don't eat. 
This is what I live,
Get on deck

Hit the rap contest sellin' weed on stage,
Go to work for the man for minimum wage,
Slave hard, grave yard, every day get scarred,
Do you ever get the feeling that you'll never get ahead
Working for a slave wage and your social life is dead
Does it ever cross your mind, does
talk about the kids united
And this world it won't just listen

What's the situation
An un-united nation
Working for a slave wage
What would you
Now ransomed, I am freedom's slave
My Jesus raised me from the grave

Come now and walk with me
Oh, come now and walk with me
Together we
born-again American
Resistance is the game

Work, buy, consume, die

Happy little slaves for minimum wage
materials thangs and makin' slave wages
Baggy pockets only got laundry fluff
Livin' where rich people always buyin' some stuff
So you try to act tough
protectin' my villa, collectin' my scrilla
Wanted this native outlaw squaw thrilla
Young brave, ex-slave walkin' the straight narrow
Stalkin', with my bow
of the bored and a slave to her (wage?)

It's a mystery
Oh, it's a mystery
You want some history
Oh its a mystery

So last night you got up
fight at the stake you will burn
The novelty of your freedom it doesn't even exist
You're just a slave to the wage, you're just a hand over fist
all is said and done
You wouldn't be the only one
To be a slave to the modern wage
Your crappy weekend is your only escape

I want to wake up in
on your own
Without ya colour t.v., heat, a friend or the phone
While the average guy lives an elaborate life
Waits days a slave wage beneathe a passionate
don't, that's bottom line
That's just the way love goes, lets rewind 
You really ain't paid, you clocking minimum wage
Now basically you a slave, your
just for bein soft
A beaten horse like a slave gettin' minimum wage
Fillin the gauge, front page, these are the last days
Cash pays, and rules,
drinking pussy stinking 
Fucking so much your ass and titties start shrinking 
New World Order slave trade, minimum wage, better cage 
Can a devil fool