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work that we do
Being a fireman has it's rewards
Monday burn Melville

Burn books to ash then burn the ash

Bring on Byron
We need Shelley, and maybe Keats
Come on Wordsworth
Bring on Browning
Robert Burns, and HG Wells
hear about
Wordsworth and Coleridge, baby?
Did you ever hear about Wordsworth and Coleridge?
They were smokin' up in Kendal
By the lakeside
Can you
Don't forget to urinate.

So glad they put this window in.
How to explain, how to begin?
See! Tennyson and Wordsworth there
Waiting for me in
Doe, Willy
Punchline, Wordsworth, SV, Chrissy
S.O.S., Tribe Called Quest
Get it off your chest, say it: "Tribe Called Quest!"
Can you feel it when it
mended too? I miss you
I miss you, I really do.

I've been reading Browning, Keats and William Wordsworth
And they all seem to be saying the same thing
I see your hands clap
Ya heard it, my lips spits quick like Wordsworth
And I'm quick to do a DJ when he's walkin on my turf

"Lord Jazz.."	"He goes by
On behalf of my crew I came to represent it
Joints make your grandpa wild for 3 minutes
The flow, not every show, got police in it
[Wordsworth Talking]
Yeah whattup world
Wordsworth you know what I'm sayin
Ain't no better time than that
Ain't no better time than the present
goin' wild? WordsWorth, PunchLine!
Phone Bills' High, from calling radio request line
I bone mad niggaz girls, so check the stilo
I got beef with they
words work
Making it bigger than it is like Wordsworth
Feeding you like food, to a pool of Zulus
Singing the blues, sippinâ?? the booze, taking
[Mr. Eon] 

This is a remix...this is a remix 
"A-a-a-at-at night the open mic be invitin' me to rhyme" 
High & Mighty, Wordsworth, Alkemist, Mr.
Results in more cast appearances than a hundred actors
Emcees I'm testin' like diseases injected in gerbils
Wordsworth, Kweli, Hi-Tek, Reflection Eternal
but delivered by the red Key my played like sound bytes speak Wordsworth 
Like ten at the scientist experiments I prevail as win
Wordsworth is the reason you're not spoken to
(Cause every word I say should be a hip-hop quotable)

If I battled you and all your fans, I guess that means