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You want to tell your boss what you've been thinking
You want to make sure he knows what your doing
Work overtime never show up late,
Sweat for
my girl if she’d like to dance
He had three buddies so I had no chance
I looked around the room for a friend and I saw Fred
A quick evaluation
and remember this)
we are born alone
and we leave this world alone
so grab hold of your life and run it dry
live life at your fullest capacity
leave no
your evaluation
What about the things that deserve commendation?
Where there once was no cure, there's vaccination
Where there once was a desert,
But all-in-all when you do an evaluation

We've gotta good thing going you and me
It's hard to see how lucky
Between bills, jobs, and family
deal in dirty work, do the deed and then dash, ditch 'em
I'd lend a hand but they stuck in a fist and gun position
We run our brand where destruction's
your evaluation
What about the things that deserve commendation?
Where there once was no cure, there's vaccination
Where there once was a desert,
Babylon nah work 
Watch the inequity have to get up and splurt 
Not even a wicked man can serve 
Rome catch a fire cause deh Vatican thirst 
We have reviewed your yellow form
Congratulations! we find you qualified
You have just the right capacity
For putting up with our nonsense
Go back, you've got work to do

We're not alone, we are all one.

Nothing here will be the same
The smallest bit is as big as nature
Our limited
The capacity for innocent enjoyment
Isn't the kind of thing you learn out of your books,
There's a river of sensation running deep and wet and wide
ladies that work with
Celebrity and official capacity come to find out they got their knee pads in the trunk with ya'll stains
On them oh child please give
You think I'm on stage to pull a stunt
I'm amazed by your capacity
At winding me up
So that I can't release you see
You see me backstage
And engage me
Fuck master, prepare to face disaster as i pass ya
Movin galactica with no capacity
You ain't got enough to buy a small soda in johnny rocket's, be
hope I die, whatever
Angels waste the time, they work together
Scheme and plot on me, 'cause I'm the son of man
I hear voices from a dog like Son
alone, so my dialogue's dastardly
Life's a tragedy generator operating at max capacity
This is porno for piraters, to the crooks it is relaxing
I am
No choice but to keep going
The fifth step felt like a misstep
It was a re-evaluation of the first four
The anxiety, fear of what it hurts for
Immortal Technique, disintegrates mic's when I spit
I cause more casualties than sunken slave ships
Full to capacity, I bring tragedy to rap
[the handicapped has snaped up at the handicapped]
Ses capacites lui ont fait franchir le cap do dedain 
[his capacity made him pass the cape of disdain]
'cause I exploit your righteous till the bitch give head
Antidote, for the anxiety I build
The capacity of pain, the genocide surreal
Day break
the groom and bride
Holler 'cheese' and face the Polaroid
Show the love you feel inside

Do you work at a job you despise? Do you live with cockroaches?
manager, the venue is filled with capacity
Check the door box, count my percentage and get that to me.

Fuck me on the dough and we are all black with
casual, but that shit won't work
Get sweated in a minute, cause they down for the dirt
Maximum capacity, the crowd just jumps
For the rhythm that I give em,
a thing, just time to put in work
BALLIN' on the fuckin' slab
BALLIN' in the fuckin' lab
CALLIN' on my doggs with daps and haulin' ass with pen or pad
I told
all yo' money and yo' jewels at my command
Stand in line for twenty hours, application says denied
want to see a 9-to-5 but couldn't work it if I