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the grave without a second thought

In Y2K
Digital disarray

Impending all-time low
Solutions come much too slow in our high-tech age
It's all the rage
we're not gonna...
that the Y2K problem is gonna be overcome by other events.
well, they don't call you doctor doom for nothing...
WW III seems to be well on its way despite that Y2K shit, such a cliche
We're smoking down a busy track, having too much fun to turn back

Anyway ...
Doing the Y2K countdown 
Left wing Right wing 99 you better duck!
stuff shooting out the TV is it Y2K or its it World War 3?
The dogs of reason ran away ~ way into the fray ~ and whoosh the hell we have to pay
Have you
We're 'bout as out of whack as we've ever been in a million years

We watched the Y2K scare in a panic
An' we watched as time proved Nostradamus wrong
to turn another page
This year my gift is Y2K
And now it looks like it's you that's running late
Do you remember when, I said "Don't be Late!"
How would
ready to rock, and ready to get down
The grand groovin' here to prove a different sound
I gotta get funky for the Y2K
Each and every time I know what
stop hell

A y2k census and we're all filled up
Like a thick head of beer overflowing it's cup
A culling of humans, a matter of space
Like herd
Let's all get crazy,
Let's act like fools
Cause Y2K's over and
We all survived
No Armageddon to
Spoil the vibe

Scream shout let it out
Bump bump
Robotron 2000

The world's in chaos, now it's Y2K 
He wants me in that special way 
And whispers in his robot voice
"I'll keep you safe today,
to basics
And try to get my point across. 

Desperate for a glimpse of the future.,
We use crystals and cards and dice.
And that Y2K is coming our way.
on the horn adding to the mess
Then Y2K shuts down LA
Now you got something to really freak you out

You got something to shout about baby
Yeah something
Bomb the White House run up in the pentagon and spray it out

Hey hey hey, do all they talk about is Y2K (Y2Kayyy)
Hey hey hey, load it up
at hand 
Something we've never faced before 
Nothing we've ever seen before 
Will we all make it through the door 
That leads to the next century? 
my way, you can cum
Come with me, and we'll walk right up into the sun
Neva knew no one, in the Y2K who ain't packin' no gun

Baby come and get
From the lands as far as Zanzibar
They understand the are, the man Allah
It's obvious why the copiers, they copy this
Soon as my data processes Y2K
Brotherly love, I'm leadin' by example
You're up all night watchin' late night cinema
Trying' to get your life straight like that Y2K millennium
ain't never shead a tear
In yo hood bumpin' ridin' with a twelve case of beer
Ain't no nigga make no moves
Get you scared, shook your fear
Y2K hit
Y2K they floppy disk
Now who the hottest is? How can it not be this?
Baby who the cockiest? Papi is? Gracias
Hey , this be so, magnifico
Even my,
the beauty of the world

You see Y2K ya know is a moment
In time we find that we can open
Up a heart that's locked or been broken
By the pain of words not
circuit breaks
Y2K's the big scare
Scientists say we ain't prepared
What I feel is contrary
Alexander Graham Bell made telephones, yes
But now we
circuit breaks
Y2K's the big scare

Scientists say we ain't prepared
What I feel is contrare
Alexander Graham Bell made telephones, yes
But now we
a care in the world
Rock around the clock, hickory dickory dock
Shout to B.I.G., 'Pac, L, Tah and Scott LaRock
I'm glad I made it to the Y2K
So what
an open fair
You're a slave among the slaves, waiting for Y2K with a

They know your life, they have a file about you
They built your life, so

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