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From a shit creek, and back again
The doors swing open and they all come in
From the arse end of a sick world
A bus load of Yakuza girls

The killer I've become
Tattoo heart yakuza's thumb
Killing men aside
Severed heads abide
Son of a bitch should bleed awhile

Bastard samurai
is lost
Hope is crushed
In your face
The master race
From outer space

I'm coming close to you

I'm your monk
Yakuza punk
Godzilla drunk
For a drug that makes you dead for a second or two
I raise myself from my punchbowl, drowning:
"The Yakuza are singing--it can't be true!"

thoughts well, for real
The media's how they get too attached
To violent images permanent like Yakuza tattoos
They got shoes, relax the underwear
and white
My older cousin puffing clot bitch, pass the pipe
Now I'm a certified user, more like abuser
Slice and dice the music I'm fluid like the Yakuza
I'm very krueger,
If you hurt my love I'm breakin out the scary rooga
When I get ta bustin thats my free Larry Hoova, maneuva
Whos a rappa Yakuza
till the 40's in
Ill like the Yakuza run the Orient
Take all the rent, and no man wept the path his daughter went
Dicks with the fallopian, wide
flow reminiscent of a prime Grand Puba
My tongue sharper than the sword of the Japanese Yakuza
Beats always slamming like Dilla, like Ali was the man
gâteau, plus de problèmes que de gent-ar
J'ai survécu à l'insurmontable
J'ai fait les cent pas, survolté contre moi comme un Yakuza
Anti-système j'étais,

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