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My Radio
It doesn't work
It's been shot up
The wires are burned
Someone yanked it 
Just a little too hard

My radio
It doesn't work
and it sunk reached down 
Yanked it up slapped it on my head 
All the people gather 
Fly to carry each his burden 
We are young despite the years we
the lights on
Curtain strings don't get yanked
Gotta watch out for Mom "the Bomb"
Be good enough not to get spanked
My brother Woody
the lights on
Curtain strings don't get yanked
Gotta watch out for Mom "the Bomb"
Be good enough not to get spanked
My brother Woody
of impenetrable
Jargon to submerge
Those pauper's graves

If you please in triple-speak
A clammy helping global hand
What it means in triple speak:
it in the rug
Look inside, there you'll find
I'm of noble blood
Creative acts in liquid
Smearin' doo doo on the walls
I got spanked when I yanked
them pay
With all their love
Hunt them down
Take all their hope

Left over for dead
She yanked his chain right
Off his neck
Left over for dead
She yanked
to door and
They found him hiding under the floorboards
They yanked him out
And shot him twice in the head

No he was never caught,
They smuggled him
sing grave, deep melodies happy that they die the sly brown fox pulled up a glass pulled up a chair and yanked out my hair when I tried to sit I fell
a jukebox siphoning gasoline
When my brother yanked me hard from the corner bar
And carried my drunk bones all the way home
Draped and heavy in his arms
to Coddingtown and met old Santy Claus
Beanie boy got a hold of that beard, nearly yanked it from his jaws
I stepped on up to the pizza man and gobbled down some
just too tall for you
You find you something small to use
Little weapon, little weapon, little weapon
Yanked you now, pow

Now here comes the march
I'm pulling the pavement from under my nails
I brush past a garden, dependent on whales
The sloping companion I cast down the ash
Yanked on my
flashes in my eyes
I spread the news she spreads her thighs
Red, red in my head
Red, red in my head

I grabbed her knuckles and I yanked them all
I bent her
In a political state
Carries no weight
No consideration
Your future's at stake

Yanked out of school
For a factory before you can read
your love (Damn)
You couldn't see her leaving
(You were gassed)
And that's sucks don't it cause 
God yanked the rug and holding your heart will not
Safety (That's my Suzie)

I tried to cross the street
And I almost got mowed down
But the softest little hand yanked me back To safer ground
arrived there
He yelled at him
Then got some pliers, held him, wound up, and yanked it out right there

That wasn't how he liked to have his teeth
He yanked the beard right on off of his chin
And in his eyes I could see he was hurt

He said, "You're not (not Santa) really Santa Claus,
to the spot where I stand
I´m sure by now he knows that´s another guy´s
Then he bumped into me and yanked my crotch
Real hard
As he
yanked out of your chest
Well that's it
I'm walking to the water
I'm standing on the bank
I'm staring at my reflection
Oh my god, I look pathetic tonight
primitive enema
I gladly spent the forty bucks
I spend more than that to spurt my nuts-love!
You wouldn't understand the joy I felt
When they finally yanked
From her insides
Devirginized with my knife
Internally bleeding
Vagina, secreting
Her blood-wet pussy
I am eating
On her guts I am feeding
screamed as he
Yanked out a lock of that beautiful hair, oh dear oh dear oh dear

He quickly struggled across the floor to a smaller cabinet
Behind glass
And of course it is a lie

She's a third the down and her skirts are yanked up
And her little girl cheeks start to wrinkle
But her smile is wide and her legs are