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Revival: Hum Aap Ki Aankhon Mein () · Aap Kaa Surror (Himesh Reshammiya) · Hum Ho Gaye Aap Ke ()

hoon main meri manzil aap hain
Kyon main toofaan se darun mere saahil aap hain
Koi tufanon se kah de, mil gaya sahil mujhe
Aapki nazron ne samjha
rafferty turn into a serial
Just like a cartoon by AAP
Oh it's just like a cartoon by AAP, oh yeah

Oh whether to phone you
Or whether to see you
dil kaa bhanwar kare pukaar,
pyaar kaa raag suno
pyaar kaa raag suno re

phool tum gulaab kaa, kyaa shabaab aap kaa
jo adaa hai woh bahaar hai
Blow that A$AP Yams, blow that A$AP Yams
Blow that A$AP Yams, I'm on that codeine right now
Blow that A$AP Yams, blow that A$AP Yams
Blow that A$AP
japte aap bani mei shyaam
Sanson ki mala pe simruuN main pee ka naam prem ki mala japte japte aap bani mei shyaam
Sanson ki mala pe simruuN main
O Mere Dil Ke Chaen

Aap Ka Armaan
Aap Ka Naam
Mera Fasana Aur Nahin
Inn Jhukti Palkon Ke Siva
Mera Thikana Aur Nahin
Jachta Hi Nahin
Change that chick's name to Miley Cypress

A$AP Ferg, A$AP mobbin'
Bitches on my ball sack wanna nigga martian
And a Miss America, picking any
or white, stunning Technicolor
Warner Brothers and the A.A.P.
I've become addicted to TV

Crissy Snow, Catwoman,
Creepela, Weezie Jefferson,
feeling froggy, then leap in, ASAP niggas finnna sneak in
Middle finger to the critics, me and my nigga Skrillex
You know we finna kill it, A$AP, we
wanna kiss all night
I just pray to God that the shit go right
Little arguments and the fist don't fight
Fuck a dog ho and the bitch gon' bite
Oh that’s your girl, huh? Well, I just hit it
It’s A$AP nigga, live with it, swag

Demons posted all around me
I can't beat 'em all alone (Thinking
preachers shall retire
Jesus walked on water, I'm preachin' to the choir
Long live A$AP, now bow to your Messiah, bitch!

Let the Lords toast with
puff it puff it, pass it, pass it
Inhale exhale, relieve your mind of stress
Smoke some one time for your boy A$AP

I've been puffing, rolling up
niggas tripping
Shout out to the max and my niggas cripping
A$AP Q, yeah, my nigga cripping
Marty Baller macking, yeah, he Blood dripping
5 point star
naar jou
Weer plots naar mij
Ze maakt ons gek, allebei
Jij en ik, ik en jij
Ik lig te woelen in m'n slaap
Ze zet ons alletwee voor aap
En toch en toch
before my eyes
By my surprise
Make her cash that, A$AP then I pass that,
Off to my niggas then she ask, “Where the cash at?

Uh, I see dead people (uh)
I need dead people
me not to eat ham, rest in peace Yams

Rest in peace Yams, RIP A$AP Yamborghini
We gon' take it up town one time
We gon' take em back, show em how
been, where you at? I've been kickin' back
Relax place down my favorite thinking cap, scratch my nigga neck
Hitta chtta chat, this and that, A$AP
Yeah, this year we finna make a killin'
Now the money stack up to the ceilin'
All I know is payback, all I rep is A$AP
Now we finna go off in
Never taking no shorts we never taking no losses
When your dealing with my crew, A$AP Bone yeah we bosses
Anybody with a bone to pick
Im gonna level my
[Hook: A$AP Rocky]
I'm something out this world, nothing like the rest
Nigga, win the fair game, fuck with the best
Just a kid with the grown men,
But I have to violate her
Checked the Tyler the Creator
Blogospheric mimicator
A$AP, Kanye, XX remix
Mike Jones, Cornwall, I need a Kleenex
Welcome to the jungle
Be hot like Rocky no A$AP 
Got game like A-Trak
You want that, I stay strapped
You not down, don't say that
Super faded, ready