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of fear,
A fear that is growing,
That some divine treason is making me feel like nothing.

Dementia access, dementia access.
Wide awake as I await
want access to the inside of your heart
Access to your thoughts on the way that I should be
So I could start to change and maybe you could access me
Invisible manipulation access direct 
Lodged in the lens of television screens 
Suspended in virtual breeze is the screaming of ghosts 
or beast
It glosses over basic needs
The public gets what the public doesn't want

Access denied, we're utter philistines
Access denied, we're utter
The access to new excesses excluding environment virtual
Running be sure there's no return page by page - deeper edge a
Crash with the ceiling
or if I don't
Not protected by the law
But still incognito

Like a shadow on the wall
Free access around the world
Who you are, nobody knows
Sun, the earth is turning
It's turning round
And love is the access
But they chop the tree down
All the proud trees are standing
As green as the sky
Standing on the surface
Taking on the malice
Aiming at the fracture

Moving on the surface
Looking for an access
It's revolving 

Fold your hands, fold your hands,
Drop the past
Access denied, success defiled
Fold your hands, fold your hands,
Drop the past, time for change,
And we're dabblin'
See the circles that we travel in
Access Babylon, Access Babylon

All access, yeah, but not quite
Your cast goes left but not allowed
end I was
Up against something bigger than me
Don't have any access, don't have any answers
To what's inside, so I hide

So here is to
Safety and it's
in brilliant light private
Eye high energy updated source smore memory no human
Difference the only terminal velocity time shortening
Access no loss
kind!, allowing access in my spine!
Life to feel, deep inside!, allowing access to my spine!

I'm the one that's always kind!, allowing access in my spine!
creation once destined for success
Now violated and raped by one
Given access to the heartland
Evil dominion over their spirits

Divorced from it's creator
Hollow, my ancestors have access
Hollow, I'm falling down the abyss
Hollow, looking for some answers

Generations of mothers sailing in
and the beats
An electric boogaloo
Yes it is rocking
The loop is always cool
It never went away
Just check out my moves

Access from the very best
She robot
She robot

Random codex
Oral replay
Formal program
Instant relay
Soft projector
Random access
Syntax morphing

She robot
to wear
You will hold them dear
To something queer and stare

16 used companions
Have nowhere to stay
Give them access to parking spaces
No coin
brilliant light private
Eye high energy updated source smore memory no human
Difference the only terminal velocity time shortening
Access no loss of time
Everybody celebrate, stand by your beds
By your beds
Easy access, easy led, stand by your beds
By your beds

Why 'know its nothin' new I'm telling you
open wound that bleeds for the deception of me
Access denied
You swine
Access denied
You swine
Access... access... denied
You're a pig-face liar
Access our eternal life

Oh how wondrous is the name of the Lord
How we worship
His name is to be adored
God our maker
Endured pain guilt and strife
of judgment concerned in the case 
The method of access regarding the place 
The possible motive the absence of blood 
The theories unanswered regarding
mend the heart 
This blood can give you access 
To the very Throne of God 
And it still can go the distance 
Through the pain to where you are
We can produce in volumes today
There is no question
Automate the access for all
For all the world's people
All the pretty people

For all, for

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