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by BF Good tires and bailing wire.

Well, I went to high school and I was not popular.
Now I am older, and it don't matter.
Ole Black's my truck's
Donny and Marie went punk
B.F. Skinner has eaten my dinner
There's a body in that trunk

Everybody wants to know what gives
But I know where the Tarantula
to nothing
And the Santa Monica Pier
Thank you for hair metal and the 84 olympics and for the BFS radio play
But please don't take this personally
No I'm
bf wont mind
I'll go ask him
I had a part of me screamin out


I'm in blue, wit them BF frames
Walkin on lean, while mind chain hangs
Drivin' somethin, pronounce
we kicks different flows)
(I'm raw like new footage) I'm rugged like a BF Goodrich
(Bring your whole set and get your hood lynched)
(Drop to your
she's supposed to be
And I swear that I won't stop
Until I make her see
That I'm her bf for sure
I'm gonna let her know
This is what I'm gonna do
dein Bf
Hör mal wenn du Flaschen öffnest, siehst du die Rattenköpfe
Blutsauger, die von deinem Geld naschen möchten
Geier, die sich als deine Cousins
I'm living life a lot better
Still keep a glock
In case the jealous wanna hate tonight

I'm in blue, wit them BF frames
Walkin' on lean, while mind
a tire from BF Goodridge
Cause you 21 now, what, you actin like a good bitch?
I'm tryin to get my nigga sucked cause he from outta town
You just suck
this, you make a bad dog out of a good pig
We could be BFs like coldridge as long as I’m a little more than hot bridge.
My shock rose are all lined up,