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I only live because you love me<br>I'd die the day you said goodbye<br>I wanna hear you say you love me<br>Even though it's a lie<br>
Georgie, your love reminds me of a song<br />When it's near you put it on<br />And its refrain you'll remember<br /><br />Georgie, but when
They only new what they need<br />Some secret way make the life fit to succeed<br /><br />Young lovers aren't made<br />Sweet talkers don't know what
td>If your heart is filled with love or hate<br />Find yourself a way to reach out for<br />Testing your life, easing to get it<br />Find yourself
Long time ago, when I was a young boy<br />I saw that movie "Mutiny on the Bounty"<br />Starring my idol, Marlon Brando<br />And I felt a yearning
td>Your love, your love is never changing (Your love is never changing)<br />Your love, your love is always lasting (Your love is always lasting)<br
Bri'm wild again, beguiled again
Bra simpering, whimpering child again
Brbewitched, bothered, and bewildered am I
Brcouldn't sleep
fell right into the city ways, like dancin' in cabarets,
From party to party he would roam.
BR2. He met a birdie who looked so
Mira bien lo que hacemos los dos 
Siempre peleando as?br> Si despu?vamos a sonre?
Besarnos mucho m?

Para que acabar este amor 
Amor que es
Colonel Maggie is my friend she got my self respect right back for me
Colonel Maggie is my friend with good old motherly sweet sympathy<BR>

after I bust one!

[BR]	Yo Mos Def!
[MD]	Alright okay
[BR]	How you feel?
[MD]	Feelin great
[BR]	Whatcha want?
[MD]	I wan' do it to death, whassup
can get along without you
Bryou just say something nice
Brand I come struttin'back for more
Brone day our world's a dream
Brnext it falls apart,
Sitting here thinking about the treasures you bring
The way I feel like a king
Sapphire eyes and golden hair
Fairy stories of a lady fair

Alright, get ready, here we go... Little Boy Blue, come blow up your horn,<br> The sheep's in the meadow and the cows in the corn<br> Ai yai ya...
Ring ding ding ding bem bem bem
Ring ding ding ding ding ding
This is the Crazy Frog
Break down

Ding ding
Br-br-break it, br-break it

one thing I know
BRA man is a two-faced, a worrisome thing
BRWho'll leave you to sing the blues in the night
BRLa ha ha-a
BRLa ha ha-a
Two cigarettes in an ashtray
My love and I, in a small caf?BR> Then a stranger came along
And everything went wrong
Now there's three cigarettes
caf?BR> Then a stranger came along
And everything went wrong
Now there's three cigarettes in the ashtray

I watched her take him from me
And his love

And I dream in black and white and red. The last time I saw you, your
Br-Br-Break It 
Dumb dumb dumda dumb dumb dumb dumb dumda dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumda dumb dumb 
Brem daem 
Dumb dumb dumda dumb dumb dumb dumb dumda dumb
- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
everytime it itches
Cooks my food and has my youngun's makes me proud that she's my woman yeah<BR>

She knows I like cornbread butter milk onions and tomatoes
Cuesta despertar
Why que esas cosas pasan, por querer saber
Sin saber querer, sin querer te am? br> son esos ratitos que me das, en los que es mucho mejor
A Ring Ding Ding Dingdemgdemg
A ring ding ding ding ding
a Bram ba am baba weeeeeee 


Ding ding 

Br-Br-Break It 

dum dum dumda
BRDORIS: That I cannot do
BRBUDDY: Happen to be me?
BRDORIS: Possibility
BRBUDDY Won'tcha tell me who ya love?
BRDORIS: Love somebody