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Big Vagina Syndrome is becoming a common disease
Ladies that have this affliction are never easy to please
If you poke someone with B.V.S. there's
He can't see soon
He won't say no, he won't say yes
He won't say no, he won't say yes
(BV: He won't say no) Everybody knows
(BV: He won't say yes)
a business
That's seldom what it seems

And where are you goin' tar top
Where's J.C. and the chosen few?
I saw the flash without T.Gentry
And B.V. left
on the chimney, 
Lord of the dance, 
With Nero and old Nicky. 
Whack that devil 
Into my fiddlestick! 
Give me the Banshees for B.V.s,
Give me the Banshees
My will for all of you
Ten fists of nations call - I feel it dragging you down

[solo: BV, JG,BV]

And as the wealth of nations gather
Polygram International Music BV Baarn.
Interferencias, la "muestra" y además
Las noches del b.v. 80
Escapando a tocar
A todos quiero gritar
A todos quiero gritar
No la cambio por
Baby I'm your lifeline
Baby I'm your loveline
Oooh, Baby I'm your lifeline.......
(c) Eaton Music Ltd./Polygram International Music BV Baarn.
the fool who falls in love with you
Do what you need be so pretty and cruel.......

(c) 1982 Polygram International Music BV Baarn.
[solo: BV - JG]

I am atomic - I'm a warhead
I am suffering
The scars of ignorance and soul of blasphemy
I am destruction, devastation
I am every
to our crime
And still they trust their minds?

[Solo: BV - JG]

Above theocracy we reign
Sharing death, bearing pain
In god's name all the heretics
your soul
Soulless and dead-eyed

[Solo: BV - JG]

At the core
You gained a thrill from the sickening stench
The smell of terror as they MARCHED
matter here
Doomed to search for light - Forever black

[solo: BV - JG]

In its inconsistency such a fine line
I'll fight
In an Insurrection
None are free with a king in the land
I'll fight forever

[solo: JG, BV]

And the godz are sworn to treason
As your name turns to numbers
Blind Say your prayers
On the last train to nowhere

[solo: BV, JG]

Come on and fight - Heart is forever
Lay down
Benz parked, at the curb while puffin herb (word) 
Cruisin, one-six-oh, with the lean 
sportin BV's on the Beamer with the Italian wintergreen

[solo: BV]

As long as you follow the path you've been given
We'll reap the harvest of pain we have sown
Don't open your minds; don't ever
from your knees
Rise from your knees - Rise from your knees

[solo: BV]

Rise from your knees - Rise from your knees
Rise from your knees - Rise
Cruisin', one-six, oh, with the lean
Sportin' BV's on the Beamer with the Italian wintergreen interior
While the Alpine pump, you get open
Hoppin', hopin'
the champ
BVS's in my necklace, my appearance like a lamp
Lit up in my ear as they see the king appear
Haters definitely can't stand it, standing near
About my brother and my mother in the city upon the BV sound 
Bran man got me moving with my ear to the ground
With thoughts of cognac kisses for the men
we hitting you strong
We be the lawd awful song you can't shake from your gong
With a BV3 g riff to a drunk drum
C'mon man, spill some outcome

When I

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