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Ha Yeah Triple C CMB poe boy Boss what it is nigga? 
Birdman what up The Goons to be king 
How you love that pussy nigga? Yeah Blood
Nigga, huh?! What? What?
Watcha wanna do?

Now I be Wayne Wayne Wayne, from CMB
50 shots, flame flame flame, from artillery
Bullets, they stain stain
dollars on the wrist nigga we be the illest
We be the realist
C-M-B nigga
Uptown soldier with the money to the ceilin'
Shinin' like a diamond from
over me.
C-M-B, you know they my homies.
Now, pretty girl, come ride the pony, pony.

It's that summer life,
And it's takin' me high.
Niggas is selling and you should be buying
Niggas is telling and you should be dying
Niggas is yelling Cash Money till they kill me
C-M-B, I know you
remix bag of tricks
Trick or treat smell my feet
To the CMB
Ha yeah, Triple see CMB, nigga
Poe boy, boss what it is, nigga?
Birdman, what up?
The goons to be king
How you love that pussy, nigga?
up the speaker Small ice, CMB got the world in a dro' We flexing hard in Atlanta, or we get the scope 2nd CD, and I'm bout to Boss Hog It's GA, Georgia
We number one! 
(Yeah, so fresh, so fly)
We number one on this rap shit! 
(Yeah dirty)
We number one on the charts 
(C.M.B., yeah)

I'm number
love to hear me talking shit on this
When Fresh dropping that nasty shit
That old uptown get down CMB classic shit
I like to ride around with
We, CMB, bitch, and ya stunned

Nigga i done sold all that shit 
soon tour stop 
Bought five Bentley Zoras.....props 
TV's must...buttons must.... 

Make it so fresh, Y-M,
So fly so priceless, C-M-B bitch,
Just another day on the
Top floor of the balcony bitch,
Live it how we live
Yea, burr, burr,
C-M-B always

How come gettin' money never gets boring?
How come gettin' money never gets boring?
Baby I gotta stack,
You can put that on my hood, Y-M, C-M-B 
Livin' legend livin' good 
Marble on the wood 
Spendin' how you feel nigga nothin' when your good 
The game
strapped up never put dat strap down,
Young mula babyâ??

Pussy gon get pus*y, 
C.M.B., Weezy, Birdman, Ross, purple car, 
Purple green, white
The drug dealer ass kissers, 

The pork chop eaters, the CYC dick beaters 

The bet'cha I could beat'chas, 

The Holy Karan readers, 

CMB ballers,
Steal your mind back
Don't die in their wilderness
Fuck that
For cmb dogs in l.a
New york project hallways
Let's point our heaters the other way
it up slide it in y'all die. 
Load it up slide it in cock it back pop it out. 
CMB226 we all ride. 

Money and bitches don't mix 
Hoes shit got
that's the kill zone
It's Young Money baby and it's CBE
Let my name spell it out CMB
Haters don't bother me, blogs swallow these
Oops, now watch that
a freak to eats on my wood
Transport coke from each of my hoods
Wheezy Whee, CMB's in my blood
In the streets seventeen's where I'm from
And I ain't got
in the C.M.B
Pretty mixed bitch I just call ha P.M.B
Watch ya step baby gettin' out that G.M.C
You bust yo ass girl we both gon' be on T.M.Z
Oh, yeah (CMB don't twistle it don't tangle it)
She looks like any other girl that I seen from place to place
But I know she not like any other
get my dough 
Then hell will be all blowin'
Til I R.I.P., C.M.B. I be
I put it down for all my peeps
Nigga, I'm H.B. for real
[Chorus: x2]
the illest
We be the realist, CMB, nigga

Uptown soldier with the money to the ceilin'
Shinin' like a diamond from a eagle to a pigeon
Birds on the wire,