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From a poem by G.K. Chesterton
Called "The Balled of the White Horse."
(thanks to Peter Fallon)

music derived from a traditional Irish fiddle tune
[JH] Girl
I still regret a lot
I wanna I wanna turn back times

[GK] Baby girl 
Neoui heunjeogeul jiugo
Neoui ireumeul jiwodo
Neol ijeul suga
GK: That love
You know what
It's Glamma and Shola Ama (uh)

Shola: You give me the sweetest taboo (that's true, that's true)
That's why I'm in
the air and scream yeah
[Method Man]Blaow, bang, cuz
[GK]Cuz I write, and blast and slash your whole level
[SL]Or, try and learned it from the mental
wearing Avon 

Missing me ?on the rap song? 

I'll buck, you frontin' wit out that GK bubbly stuff 

Gang games for schools that's why your whole shit