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Ink mathematics
Grey mass ecstatics
Noggin elastics
Cerebral tatics
Cranium classics
Brainium domics
Denizen omics
Grey massmatics
Quantum pure
King Ink strolls into town
he sniffs around 

King Ink kicks off his stink-boot
sand and soot and dust and dirt and
he's much bigger than you
to tell you but I'm drawing a blank

Ink and Paper - 
Were quite enough to make it clear
Ink and Paper - 
And the words keep ringing in my ears
Well I've written home to mother 
The ink ran from my tears 
I said "Momma, momma, oh please. 
Tell me why you've brought me here
be, oh you we are the infinity
And if they wanna see oh you we are the infinity 
Ink ink ink ink ink ink ink ink ink 

Hey, I really wanna tell ya
A moment of chance
Buried in black
Ink the pages
With my blood
I'll then tie
My hands of vengeance

A glimpse
Of this awful
It's just a beautiful strain that keeps caught in my brain constantly
It's my melody, it's my symphony
Ink a dinka do, a dinka dee, a dinka doo
stands up.
Ink runs into my cup, I sip epiphany.

Thing bite tarantula, taste of my symptoms.
Gasoline and a pistol, blood filling the bathtub.
Stoke up the silvermouthmachine
And snatch its terrortongue with a grin
Gonna give you some more killing ink
Some more unlight
And I'll show you how
Touched the mirror
Broke the surface of the water
Saw my true self
All illusions shattered

Money's only paper only ink
We'll destroy ourselves
Marant I get you some, you give me that
All of my thoughts fluorescent ink, though I’m always thinking black
Sitting back, cognac, sixty-two behind
see me
Now drunk as a skunk falling out of this rundown lacy gown 

This blue ink this blue ink this blue ink
Across the page I write to you 

turn me off
Well I've written home to mother the ink ran from my tear 
I said momma momma please tell me why you brought me here
Why do you
Drive me crazy
This disturbing
Where you had
To go unbury
You brought it up
So listen carfully

Prick the needle and
Let the ink
plane trails drawn in permanent ink
In permanent ink

Driving home from the wedding
Driving home from the wedding
Of blurred nights held together by black ink
And cold tones instead of warm voices and lies warmer still.
makes hair curl. ink smeared pages, your pen cuts through me.
I remember sky
It was blue as ink
Or at least I think
I remember sky

I remember snow
Soft as feathers
Sharp as thumb tacks
Coming down like
Pain on my body
Pain on my flesh
Needles of steel
Penetrate my skin

Needles they sink in my skin
Needles they spit black ink

Skull, Death,
With a fortrel polyester ink well hord, Hot assed, Inkwell Lord,
But I can't leave you with the blues no
Remember days, and endless nights
Spread my
I remember sky
It was blue as ink
Or at least I think I remember sky

I remember snow
Soft as feathers, sharp as thumb tacks coming down like lint
on some bar napkin back in the pocket of a jacket i haven't worn in months and the ink's blotting and bleeding was i making out a will or just another late
of doing her wrong

She slipped that ring off her finger
Slapped that ink on a goodbye note
She cut his face outta every picture
Lost his last name but
The best they'd ever seen
The greatest work of art
I wished that it was me

It's bleaker than you think
I'm running out of ink
Give a guy a break
the streets
And run wild

Wooden heads on the chopping block
And other hearts pumping ink
That spills out over dreams of antiquity
Pale but full of ghostly