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Soft rhythms cover me
Oh, the long [?] styles tumbling down. 
Musical thought without sound.
Strong magical lines over the land.
to Louisianne
Take me back down where the white water flows
To the Cajun promised land
Give me my line and my old pirogue
Get me back as fast as you can
they did will stop you Annabel.

Land of the lines, tangled there in porcelain.
Under the stars you'll begin.

When you dream you only dream your
to claim a line in the sand

Oh but the promised land
Is just across another line in the sand
Yeah but the promised land
Is just across another
Go to the city away from the land, stand in a line
Where they stamp your hand, wind up at a dance
You want to energize, is it just by chance?
Go to the city away from the land, stand in a line
Where they stamp your hand, wind up at a dance
You want to energize, is it just by chance?
Somewhere the horizon draws a line 
Between the sea and the sky
And in that line of land
You'll find a heart no rain can wash away 

The sun slips
the last ride on a Brooklyn train
Thirty years old and nothing's changed

Spent hours on the land line
Hoping you would find time
For me
Showed up
much too much emotion 
To hold it in your hand.
They've got waves out on the ocean, 
They're gonna wear away the land,

Somebody line 'em up, line
Heaven can you hear me I am calling from a land line
I need a good connection I feel like I'm losing my mind
The day is just about to break I think
Or would you say no
 And if the legacies of your land were on the line
 Would you pledge you allegiance if death be the fate you may find
 Look in your
the time
Down to the land of the bottom line
To the bottom line

Then there came a chance to make some steady dough
Bouncing up my alley to the door
to me endlessly
World in hand, take your land
Lunatic, blood line black
Racist pig, you attack

Start a war

No control, take your
See those fault lines
Lay down like land mines
It's hard to relax
A promise broken
The ground breaks open
Love falls through the cracks
Please don't leave me now

'Cause I can feel the rivers
Winding through the lands
Two lines, and a poet
Like a kind old rye
You know we could talk in
to the line, you land here, in the sky, with an elevated mind 
All I need to rise above, is patience 
Rising in mind, and you grow by design, and you bellow
On the line
On the run
Take me by the hand
The promised land
I'm gonna lead you,
To the promised land.
The night
On the

My only link left to human kind
Is the only one that I want on the land line
Calling mission control
What if this is a black hole?

Do you
Falling in your, falling in your arms 
Fish on a line, learns to live on dry land 
Thrown back again to drown 
Kinder with poison 

Than pushed
the border at Needles and heard the promised land on the line

Now where the Transcontinental dumps into the sea
There's a bar made up to look like 1963
Dead end 
Don't walk 
Keep out 
Red light 

Steep cliff 
Mad dog 
Blind man 

Warning land mine 
High voltage line 
Don't make
Then I just stopped a minute, the minute's done
Then I just use the land line to call my phone
Then I checked in the voice mail, message 1
money on my land line
Up all day, bitch we don't sleep we vampires
40 on my hip, click clack then fire
We don't do this everyday, you's a damn liar
(smell like I sound)
Just like that river twisting through a dusty land (straddle the line)
And when she shines she really shows you all she can (mouth
to his cabin
And he took his land (last line of each verse)

He looked at his water and his water was low
He looked at his watch and his watch was slow