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To all his good brothers 
The Wise One spoke highly of his Muse, 
Because her love for the one true God 
Was growing with every passing day. 
You hit me so hard like a Wong Kar Wai beginning
I'm exploding in smiles my equilibrium is spinning

Rapture rapes the muses
But you don't notice
You hit me so hard like a Wong Kar Wai beginning
I'm exploding in smiles my equilibrium is spinning

Rapture rapes the muses
But you don't notice
Looking back in time
Through verses set into nursery rhyme
At oil painted eyes
Of muses left behind
I swear I know not why
These eyes have
What kind of vicious muse
Broke the both of you?
Why did your golden hearts
Effortlessly bruise?
How did that waning spark
Fade to black
I spin around in your love
In a place of wonder
I want to wander
With you, my muse

In a dream of carousels
On waves in caravels
conjure up my muse
She's my means to achieve a simple quota

When it's make or break 
Make no mistake
She appears like lightening in a bottle
I catch
narcotic outta sight
what a gas, what a beautiful ass.

And it all breaks down at the role reversal,
got the muse in my head she's universal,
muse sick (sic) muse sick (sic) ( you'll never want to hear this song again crazy crazy jane I'm with you in the rain again crazy crazy jane do you
of the Rainbow Children.

As though awakened from a dream, 
The muse opened her eyes. This time as queen.
Küsst mich die muse will ich tanzen 
Nicht unbedingt, aber vielleicht 
Wenn ich tanze will ich trinken 
Nicht unbedingt, aber vielleicht 
On purple scotch
Harden, harden, harden don'ts and won'ts
My easel touch

Gain his voice
On pepper tree
Heart's been swallowed whole
Who's real muse
Or rhyme unpredictable the muses
They play never knowing whether teasing or shy
Where are you?
Come to me red haired pale muse
Come to me dressed like a terrible dream
Deliver me from doubt

Your scent bite the sleep
I know
Twit me, I am thy tyke;
Meekness for thee aught.

Yerk me to weal daut',
Sweven nor Muse
Wad taw me to this ruddy hue 
Wark aptly my drear,
So narcotic outta sight 
What a gas 
what a beautiful ass 

And it all breaks down at the role reversal 
Got the muse in my head she's universal
I killed my muse yesterday or was it yesteryear?
And I built you the great machine to amplify my fear
Would it matter to you if I say nothing as I
If she could be	Muse to the Pharaoh
Then one day she might be Queen
If like Sheba, she then could bring presents and wine
The helix he might get
Mercury, the courier, celestial messenger
Bed with Dawn, your bride.
Arrowhead of Diane, pierce the mind of a man,
Tongueless muse of time
like a muse
Dear heart (x4)
Taken till every fake glance
You ever released my dear heart
Every wink still can't see him
Tickled pink like a muse
Who sits and chews 
Tobacco off a tree 
Removes his shoes 
Gives way to booze 
And searches endlessly 

See the naked lumberlack 
Sip his
Robin goodfellow 
Dianae, my muse 
Morpheus in my heart 
Your sand in my veins 
It's a deeper kind of slumber 
What is universe anyway 
and most crowded doorways

I have the greatest plan involving everyone else
We all, and a map of muses
Travel to stars scarred with wars
We'll never be
lamb on God`s ground 
Ridden by the born of horn 
Jigged like a muse on life`s lawn.
always get in the way

the suburbs dream tonight of finding their muse 
damn those rape victime writers and their five star reviews 

wouldn't want