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Hanna-Barbera's Pic-a-Nic Basket of Cartoon Classics (Hanna-Barbera) · Liberation (Pic) (1349) · Pic Nic (Charly García)

Turkey is done, reviews are mixed
When's mom gonna get that hearing aid fixed?
Hold still
And wait for the click
You're in this year's Christmas pics
extended plays
Of Elvis Presley and that funky old Hound Dog
Faded pics and misty twisted kicks spell "love"
I'm a love drunk

Drunk on love, so drunk
Do what I want,
Taste your lip,

Pic your time,
Do what I want,
Do what I want,
La pendule fait tic-tac-tic-tic
Les oiseaux du lac font pic-pic-pic-pic
Glou-glou-glou font tous les dindons
Et la jolie cloche ding-din-don, mais
verses from the book "People In My Neighborhood" Volume 7 of "On My Way With Sesame Street") 
(pic of Cookie Monster dressed in a chef hat and apron
Just bet out da bed
Cross over to some warm nice head
Sippin' on da last night mo' wed
Try na get dress
So I guess I'll pull ah tooth pic
Farinha pouca
Meu pirão sozinho

Pequinês que quer
Brincar com pitbull
Pirou de vez
Vira pic-nic de urubu

Moro lá no Flamengo
Com prédio
on an explanation
While the white man sits on his fat can
And takes pictures of the Navajo
Every time he clicks his Kodak pics
He steals a little bit of soul.
mama Carter she's a basket case
But I make sure her sandwich is a napkins straight
You pic with this picnic and I'm at your face
I say I'm at your
tan malos, no todo está mal
No todos son villanos queriéndote matar
No todo está perdido ni se va a acabar
La vida es un pic-nic
No todo son tan
Now I spend my summer's wise
Riding 'round the M25
In the car I live and die
Front ot the back seat
I don't mind

I'm gonna send a pic sometime
writhing side 
His eyes begin to ponder pride 
Subjective pics of misled youth 
Before him lies the dreadful truth 
Undignifiled, Insignified 
His wrist
ta chape de plomb, souffrez
Que j'ai l'inspiration fatale
Tu seras toujours romantique
Même au temps des pics
Qui goudronnent tes monuments
Moglas moja byc
Kryzysowa narzeczona
Razem ze mna pic
To, co nam tu nawazono
a pig pile pic or hc
I guess in reality the biggest joke's on me
Hey you, at the back of the longest line
Just what did you have in mind?
through the ears
Sonic homicide beware the killing is for real
Stone cold, a victim of the freeze
Ice pic stabbing through the heart
Airwaves, as deadly
Between the dead ring ash of extreme defense
The lonely groups of company boys snapping pics
Of scrawny limbs and toothy grins
These are children
Yeah, yeah
By 5 minutes
By 5 minutes

5 minutes she'll be suckin' dick
By 5 minutes she'll be takin' pics
By 5 minutes she'll be on my click
I always find a pic by the phone when I find myself alone, 
And I write a love song about you. 
You ask me if I'm blue and I tell you that I'm
Now when they see us on the streets
All they wanna do is take pics
And I'm like, okay (yeah, okay)
And when they hear us on the beat
All they wanna
your pics and I like your style
Sounds good, Susie, I?ll be your friend
We can write each other again and again

Comment on my pics and post on my page
What I gotta do?

This feels like this make unaware
Then I receive a pic from you takes me out of despair oh
I need this girl in the pic
'Cause I
tak chcesz w liscie zostan

A moglismy - Mala - razem laka isc
Swit witac po kolana w rosie
A moglismy - Mala - razem piwo pic
Dom nasz zamienic na
His Kodak pics
He steals a little bit of soul
from your fears
I am the one who pics you up when you are down
To make you see there is still so much to come
I am the soul that lives inside you