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SLR - EP (Gyptian)

I can sign for one, two
Or three or four
Get three weeks off in a year or more
Save up and get my very own SLR
'Cause I can drive my very own tank
Babies makin' babies-babies makin' babies-babies makin' babies
Babies makin' babies-oh yes slr- babies makin' babies
From the womb to the tomb
Bursting m-16, A-K's and S-L-R's
But with those evilous ways, I know you won't reach far
Soon you will be drowning in your own blood on the tar

But too
Allt fr att dva dej en stund
do, jag ger mej inte
do, jag are fri att sga nej
Jag gr som jag vill och lite till
do slr och bygger
hga hinder
Vet inte om allt are rtt, men
Han vntar p grden, och klockan slr
Dom har gtt in nu och klockan slr
Han vntar inte ensam, dr str en man
Hon lovat
Got my swagg
Got my crew
Got my dough and I
Got a black, leather benz SLR cause I'm
Rollin like a Boss
Rollin rollin like a Boss
am Japan man 

(Girls Talking) You see him come and go out of the black Benz SLR. 
I wonder where he get's that kind of money? 
Don't worry about
stolhet are

Var inte s hrd mot dej sjlv och ditt hjrta,
Jag hr hur det slr drinne under all svrta
Det finns tillrckligt mnga olevda liv,
Och ett liv
clipping from the paper shows us young and strong and clean
And there's me in me slouch hat with me SLR and greens
God help me - I was only nineteen
the paper shows a youngon', strong and clean
And there's me with me slouch hat, my SLR and greens
God help me - I was only nineteen

From Vung Tau riding
Et, dans ton bled, tout l'monde m'appelle déjà
Habibi, habibi
Habibi, habibi
Habibi, habibi
Habibi (Meugiwarano)
Bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi (C'est
S.L.S. S.L.R 
Roll Royce, Maserati, roule la putain de sa mère
Fouiny Gamos, je roule, squatte, trime, Aston Martin
Fouiny Gamos, mon pe-ra sent le neuf
of acronyms
DD on her chest, CP on my chest
AC on the seats, TV in the deck
SLR couple GTs and a S
DBD(death before dishonor) when I speak, 200 Gs on my neck
go burn
SLR him get horny an' a skin him waan burn
.380 sit down and a look an' him a learn
All who na listen seh dem going pay fe learn

Oonu seh
(Make sure I snap your neck too)
SLR or the Aston Mar'
(Lamborghini or the Porsche with the crashing bars)
Iced out
(Or wear no ice at all)
100 Gs
Cause I'm so fly 

I'm supa dupa fly 
You can call my missy's boo 
Pull up in the SLR 
Have all the mammals sick of you 
All them college credits
pass through ya areas
The SLR, class looking serious, they has to be curious

You never seen one of the nastiest lyricist
Speed through like he in
soldier boy with them old SLR
Dem hear "raaarhhhh" and di whole a dem run guh far
Guh hide underneath Mr. Ruddy ole car
Bad man in di street lay flat pon
on the West
They say I walk around like I got a "S" on my chest
SLR, ordered that bitch comin' tomorrow 
King shit dineros, you think we out here fo?

more him (I knowww)
I have to win that's right whole life full of acronyms
DD on her chest, CP on my chest
AC on the seats, TV in the deck
SLR couple
police suit for
Mi never see nuh police man go war
Mi run out inna full camouflage,
Knapsack full a clip 2 bloodclaat S.L.R
U bring 2000 man go sting
pectoraux, bite d'cco-Ro
Le rap français est une salope donc elle n'a pas de mari
Juste un mac, B2O Kopp 9-2-I
Vitres noires, SLR
Riche, noir et célèbre

Pop ton pussy bitch
Une balle, tout va si vite
Tony Sosa, Big Meech
Bientôt, j'serai aussi riche

Pop ton pussy bitch
Une balle, tout va si
of what you make so far!)
But I'm not having it, I load the SLR
Pack the ganja boom! They break down the door
Pop-pop! T'ree shots, exchanged at close
a burning cigar
Hair white like a snow, feet like a brass bar
Nah go come with no 'matic and a no SLR

Hear me now super, you haf fe hear ne now star