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Lovely spam
Wunderful spa-a-m
Lovely spam
Wunderful s spam
Give a little, give a little more

Spa baba dey, spa baba dey, spa baba dey
Play the game right
Spa baba dey, spa baba dey, spa baba dey
Lovely Spaaam! Wonderful Spaaam!
Lovely Spaaam! Wonderful Spam.

Spa dap spap spa dap spa let me (scat)
Spa dap spap spa dap spa
Spa dap spap spa dap spa
Let me tell You something

As I was passing
I heard
Mein Maserati fährt 210,
Schwupp, die Polizei hat's nicht geseh'n,
Das macht Spaß!
Ich geb Gas, ich geb Gas!
Will nicht spar'n, will nicht
Spanna noo na noo na ne na naho
Spanna noo na ne ne naho
Spa noo na naho
Noo na naho
Noo na naho
Spa noo na naho

Spanna noo na noo na noo na
to hear
Triumphant calling
Triumphant trumpets
Spap spa da dap pap spa spa


I want to live in your house
I want to live in your
Instead of spa, we'll drink brown ale
And pay the reckoning on the nail;
No man for debt shall go to jail
From Garryowen in glory.

We are the boys who
Ein bißchen Spaß muß sein, dann ist die Welt voll Sonnenschein!So gut wie wir uns heute verstehn, so soll es weitergehen!Ein
meets day-spa retreat
The smell of the carnage
Begin the excretement

Choice picked tidbits of ligaments
I mix for an afternoon sludge soup
dreams will never stop

So I drank them pretty whiskey in the spa
And a million women sang with whiskey in the spa
So I drank them pretty whiskey in
Tread slowly from the car to the spa
Like a weary war-torn refugee
Crossing the border with her starving child
It's a struggle just to get
of a cover of a new york moon
To let me after dark and make my central spa

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

I'll call you woody
Alan maybe
You can
the time of your life
The first thing we gonna do is 
Spend a day at the spa, we'll run up the black card
Tonight, yeah
Flying on a G6 and get off in
Se acabaron bolsas caras 
Y tus citas al spa 
Los zapatitos de marca 
Tú los tendrás que comprar 
Ya no pienso invertir 
Dinero y tiempo 
No me
Allt du trott se lögnen vällter

Läs nu runor med magiska tal
Spå en ålder av ve och kval
När mörka skuggor nu himmelen rider
Se då nalkas
I need a Mars Bar
Hey raid the Spa
To help me through the day
I need a Mars Bar
I've had total fun
It helps me - makes me - work rest and play
vienen del spa y van a la guerra
Moncho VIP de sábado a la noche
Limpian los cromados de sus coches
Decidido a la fiesta
Soy un honcho y mi noche es
Wczoraj w nocy, gdy spałem 
Przyszli jacyś ludzie i ze snu mnie wyrwali 
Potem postawili mnie pod moim domem 
I za chwilę bili
Eg har et spøkelse på min rygg
Eg hørre stemmer som banne stygt
Eg har is i min hals
Kjenne en dverg som danse vals
Men det gjer så vondt
Bha stiu\ir o\ir oirr' 's da\ chrann airgid
'S cupaill de shi\oda na Gaillmhinn
'S cupaill de shi\oda na Gaillmhinn
Sioda reamhar ruadh na Spa
on the kinky little things we used to do 
I said I'm sittin on my couch thinkin thinkin thinkin 
(Check it out) 

And now I'm sittin in my spa thinkin bout
to New York City
A week at the Spa, came back knocked-out pretty
When he said he didn't love her no more
She let herself go

She poured her heart an'
jedem Spaß bereit
Vergilbte Photos liegen überall verstreut
Sie zeigen sich so zügellos
Doch do hast das niemals bereut
Ich schau' dir in
On the ace, of spa-ya-ya-yades.

Paint your face and run around.
Dance in silky satin gowns.
Turn my full length mirror dow-hown,
Oh you think