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The Complete SSS International Recordings (Peggy Scott-Adams)

mind (Go, go out, they sss, they sss, go out, out)

I turn it on, I set the tone
And I know I’m ready to go

Tonight, I’m a different guy
a-a-and single, sss-single.
Why-o-you-n-g -f-are- double e, a-a-and single, sss-single.
A-a-and single, sss-single.

Hey Jane, oh Jane, a voice supreme,
Friends and lovers, give a call, take a chance on a voice if you can.

Why-o-you-n-g -f-are- double e, a-a-and single, sss-single.
said "I'm glad" 
That I'm a little red snake lying in the water 
Sss, sss, sss 
And now there's nobody left left sitting in the water 
Nobody left
Günaha bulanalım biteviye
Sşş konuşma hic soru sorma
Sırlarımı keşfet bu gece, bu gece

Kır zincirlerini gel
Aşka kanalım seninle
Yum gözlerini
da cantareira

Chico Fininho
Uh uh

Aos SSS pela rua acima
Depois de mais um shoot nas retretes
Curtindo uma trip de heroína
Sapato bicudo e
nice, a very nice kind horse, you know
Roy: A horse, yeah horse. Whore-sss
Louis: Boogey-man or something. Something out there. You might find a nice kind
it enough for you to change my mood
How does it taste? I think I like a sss-sss-second scoooop!
How come this whiskey make 'em shifty?
Black magic,
to the start
Back to the, back to the,
Back to the s-s-s

I don't know why
I feel this way
But I couldn't stay here for
One more day

But I go back
down, get down
Get down, make love

Oh, sss, hah

I can squeeze - you can shake me (get down, make love)
I can feel - when you break me (get down,
say it again
Quasar game maximum vacuum rotation spin s-s-s

(Bitch please)

When shit goes down
I'll be there
Wit my hand on my gun, and my eyes
brokers are kept clean and discrete 
Behind a wall 
Behind a moat 
And that is all 
That's all she wrote 

And my heart beats an sss o o o sss
got you now 


The way you do the things you 


It's just the things that you do 

(the way you do the things you do)
Soon you even stop tryin'

Man, you walk the floor
And wear out your shoes, sss
When you feel your heart break, yeah brother
That's when
to chase you don't you?

Just come here, I've got you now


The way you do the things you


It's just the things that you do


(LL Cool J is) Break it down
(Hard as)

Feel it, yeah, blow ya whistles, yeah 
Sss, you can't fuck wit me, nigga
Feel it
Fuck wrong wit
I'll stand in it until it freeze
I'm from another breed, them sss, southern g's
I sip phemetrazine, I lean, I stand tall
I'm mean, I'm mad raw, I'm
runnin' stacks (stacks)
They be year off (off)
Bring my money back (back)
Yeah I fuck wit G'sss (g'sss)
Out in Cloverland (yeah)
We talkin' 20 keysss
But I
of skirt, kit for a victim
A three-stage pleasure on a principle
As I step and drop a syllable (yyyyo!)
A syllabus spoken by the 3rd on sss
Lo que sobra
(Sss, Ja)

Llegaron los líderes
El Dúo Dinámico
Víctor El Nazi, Nesty
Apodado por el pueblo como
Los Extraterrestres

Entonces bailala sola
La mas guilla que se valla pa' la cola
Hoy vamo' a matarno bebiendo ron con cola
Sss, pajito ma, no hable pistola
ndohdn-dohdn-dohna-noh-noh N'NHOONDA!! s'uhmm
but time
And I never raise my voice. You a bum, why should I holler on you?
With a whisper I can drop a couple dollars on you
Sss..sss... sick them
Sss sss sick them rottweilers on you
Killers bustin out the windows of Impalas on you
A made man in the streets, I made grams
Wrote lyrics about my
yup, giddy up, hit the road
That's what's up, that's what's up, that's what's s-s-s su' sunup

You just keep on talking
Don't know what my name is