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STP Not LSD (Angry Samoans)

This life I'm livin is too fast for me
I gotta lay off that LSD 

STP, STP I'd rather have you than that LSD

18 years of rotten luck
Stuck in
APC, Alcohol
Cigarettes, shoe polish and peyote
[Incomprehensible] thorazine, dexadrine,
Where all the Pettys ran
What kept the motors running
Way back then, were you the fans

He won seven at Daytona
It was STP and forty-three
Cost me two good years. 

We got fifteen dollars and a can of STP
A big ole jar of cashew nuts and a Japanese TV
Feelin' we had pulled the biggest
Number 34 painted on the doors
Flames on the fenders
STP stickers
A Hurst shifter four on the floor
The preacher shuts his eyes
Starts preying hard
Alice D'head

Alice it was plain to see was
Full of pot and STP
She'd attract a great big crowd
Because her inner peace was much too loud.

Good Buzz did
Slide some oil to me
Let it trickle down my spine
If you don't have S.T.P.
Crisco will do just fine

Slide some to my elbows
And to my fingers if you
shipment of electrical equipment
It's addressed to the bottom of the sea
Send a tangerine-coloured nuclear submarine
With a sticker that says 'STP
Congo, Mongo, Beat me, senseless, bongo, Tonto
Flash through dream worlds of STP and LSD
Speed kills and sometimes musics call, is frustrated
The hoods are up on Pine Street,
Rear ends lifted too
The great-grandsons of General Robert E. Lee
Are making love with a little help from STP
night in El Reno
Turning up the STP, turning down the LSD
On a bottle of booze and the best of his cousins weed

What if I was the one that you warned me

All that I need
Look at all the love that we found, oh 

I won't run and pull no one jack move
They love her for the Kingston sound,
live to see the day I'd rock my own CD

We used to do the dance we called obie-obie
Now S.T.P. 1993, so Hollywood get out my way
My mom's words seems
Que je ne l'aime pas
N'oublie rien stp casse toi
Regarde tu as devant toi
Un homme absolumen ravi
J'ai ?? nouveau envi de tout sauf de te faire
grounds or get jacked
Now grab that thing and bust back 
I got some killers on my team out that S.T.P.
Dugie, Nautice, Goldface, and J.B.
?? broke out
glisse tellement bien 
Qu'certain m'ont demandé d'rester
Les promotteurs cèdent à la nique-pa
L'ingé m'a dit c'est mon dernier mic stp le nique pas

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