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I'll have faith in all you do
Just call my name
And I'll be there
(I'll be there)

And oh, I'll be there to comfort you
I'll build my world
right here. 

Glad y'all could make it. 

[Voices of approval from the Reepz] 

Verse One: 

TL:My niggaz, check this shit out, I just
Buried alive

level see?tl? ?
It's weak ? ? ?

crap stick on a ? ?
Disturbing factor build up the fairylands
Without remorse
Cured of redempts
? in my ?
ocal nas

nocnym tramwajem porwę cię
na pętlę samą
po tych ciemnościach może być
już tylko
remind when these things for you
When I wedged the doors, I caught you on a Wednesday
Mr. Tl on the phone, fuck what your friends say
It's too dumb,
how it goes
Jay Tee calls me Train and TL calls me Vogues
I'm the one on dank that smells just like a skunk
And I'm the one on drank - that's why
Karavana mrtvìch t?l - a st¡ny hlup k?.
Po kolena V krvi - jdeme hledat novou zem,
Zda se to vsem poda?¡ - zda se naleznem?
M m strach touhle cestou,
M m
Hanggang kelan maghihintay ako ay nabuburat na
Pero minamahal ko siya-a-ha
Di biro
T.L. ako sa kanya
Alam kong nababaduyan ka na sa mga sinasabi ko
Pero sana

El embajador
El movimiento urbano
The Movement
Toby Love

Eres mii primer amor eres,
Mii maleta mii equipaje (you were first in line
profundamente herida
Por su gran adiccion ella vive en una esquina oh my love.

Toby Love
Escuchen mi mensaje
You've got to keep your head up
(Neighborhood toss)

TL, wake that hoe up, man

[ VERSE 2: TL ]
Wake up, toss-up, you better call your boss up
Get up, wash up, dirty little toss-up
Often I think this sad, old world

    Em            Am/F#   B7
Is whis - tl - ing in the dark;

B7           B7/6       Cdim      B7
Just like
like they strait tryna creep, you peep?
Creep like T-L, on the D-L
But you fail, tryna tell Dabbity Bell
Well, that shit was disrespectful, nigga
at the spot, you had tint on the TL
It’s only right you shake them phony types
And embrace the kid, like my bracelets did
Uh, I’m from the era where the money
Le sommeil veut pas d' moi, tu rves depuis longtemps.
Sur la tl la neige a envahi l'cran.
J'ai vu des hommes qui courent, une terre qui recule,
(Vallejo, Californ-i-a)

Once again in my 'Lac, strictly sex on my mind
Got the kind so it's time to relax and unwind
I need to get my yak on
Mill-itill-itant with the Fifth that stand firm 
Like a pillar, I'm I and T-L like Manilla 

Yo, the feet that I walk with 
The ears that I hear with, the eyes
at the hotel
She had a friend with her so i called TL
Soothe me up, Sally want to meet Dick
And Monty licked, so try an' make it real quick

(take off your rope) why do that?
(Feel the gun smoke bloaw!)
Do you hear me baby 

Yo, I got no life to spare, no time to bear
No TL care, I'm
afford it
That's how it go, doin' shows, puffin' dro, bangin' beats
Far East, from Dallas, Tex, but TL call me Greg Street

Me and Koopa not some
Abdi, Celo gehen auf die 8, Azzlack authentic
Ah, warum wir jung sterben? Weil wir schnell leben!
Mentalität, one-eight-seven, TL, chey

Ich ficke
the Wu-Tang is the best
Dogg Pound's the best

Mic accurate, trade darts TL, slight tint DL, quick flash
Smooth as a baby's ass, lyrical addicts, murder mics