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And I.D.K. when I'll be there
But I'll T.T.Y. later and we'll be loving ASAP
And we can X-O-X-O
Do it all night long
Soon as I get home
You'll be making
we spend eight hours on the road just to put up a sh*tty show few appreciate we play our set and go... to where ever it is that we're gonna stay
Expensive cabs
And sh*tty food
Washed down
With cancelled flights
This week endorsement holidays
You miss your boy and wife
Oh the late night drives
the cheques and face the facts
That some producer with computers fixes all my sh*tty tracks

I'm p*ssed off but I'm too polite
When people break in
not included with 
Matter of fact, your whole front's a re-enactment 
I blow your ba-tty ass into fragments, P-5-D 
The new testament, mic