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If only I was taller
If I had a million dollars
Maybe then you'd be with me

If only I was eighteen
And had the courage 
Of the A-Team
There's a place out near the eighties
South of the border, west of the sun
And if we send out all the A-team
Silhouettes will creep out
to see?
(Can't be bothered)
Will you still be friends with me
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen?

Martin grew out of his A-team vest
Nicked the pedals off my BMX
Like I was Mr. T from the A-Team
It was just a sign of me makin' cream
But the cars and jeeps
the A-Team

I play the night like a daydream
Stay to fight and make scenes when up against your team
You weigh the triple beam and rock guns
I leave
watch the A-Team every Tuesday night
I graduated, but I ain't too bright
I love Detroit 'cause I was born to fight
I love America

I love the Tigers,
I would hire the A-Team
And I'd crash the General Lee
I'd make cocktails like Tom Cruise
And I'd rollerblade with Corey Feldman for you
I'd do
the infrared beam
Something similar to a Roger Moore scene

That's James Bond, 007, with guillotine
To keep the Hit Squad hype to fly heads like the A-Team
the ruler yet

The supertones rock your world
Supertones rock your car
We got mad plans like hannibal or just george peppard
That's a reference to the a-team
I wanna live in TV land with Mr. T and the A-team
My problem they could solve before the end of the show
I wanna live in TV Land where
They sit around watchin 'scarface' all day
So here we go, headed up to they scene
Twenty deep in a van like the a-team
We rolled up to see what
the album, Panini '83
Get back home in time for the A-Team and tea
Then watch Bullseye and Saint and Greavsie
Go to bed, 'til tomorrow, see?

I watch

So stick the fork in him, Redman (why) cause he's done 


Verse Three: Erick Sermon 

I'm E-D, I belong wit the A-Team 

A one man
AP Millionärsclub, Baby
Checke mein Nikki-Beach-Flow, diggah, Mann, hier kommt das deutsche A-Team
Junge, ich bin Prince Kay One, Prince Kay One
Carcinogenic isotope, we need the A-team montage
Disregard the message from the ending of the album
the A-Team
You're so disappointed it ain't all it seemed
Whoa, whoa, whoa
You're startin' to bend
You gave it a shot
You gave all you've got
auf den Eisprung, Yeah
Ich bin sowas wie der junge James Dean
Dikka Ersguterjunge A-Team
Typen sind am haten so als wäre ich 'ne Boygroup
Doch ich
I'm a renegade this rap shit me and all my boy like A-Team
Fuck wrong with y'all this is my warning shot so I better see you ghost
Because I will
Puffy in my Saleen,
I rock jewels like my niggas in the A-Team
I'm out in space can't you seem I am a A-lien
My wrist A-List, Audemar's ageless,
while you daydream nigga)
I put your big man to sleep and let him fly (like the A-Team nigga)
You niggaz puss (dick startin' to get hard)
Man we always
knowledge (uh-huh)
Over eighteen and my eyes are green (uh-huh)
I wear more gold than that man on A-Team (uh-huh, uh-huh)
Trim, slim, (yeah) and I'm also
of Samantha
Moved to Atlanta, at the age of 18
Got a couple girls and they formed the A-team
Some play things, specialize in blazin
Her and her girlfriend
sign, no matter what I do, make C.R.E.A.M. 

Out of famine steak greens, Miller A-teams 

And grew up pretty 'cause my pop got great genes 

I hold
like the A-Team
From Maine to San Francisco
I'm shootin like a pistol
I'm so slick, I'm Crisco
Daddy likes to disco

(Come on work it on out)

(Joe C.)
'Slaved and engraved I couldn't scream
Moaning and groaning like she could take on the A-Team
I was one of many that she'd choose
Do me, pursue me, twice