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on factory lines 

Health demanding 
Unfit behaviour 
Commuters converse in satirical signs 
Know no news and no personnel crisis 
With new indifferent
The longitude and latitude
Of my defeatist attitude
I think I'll stay in bed this week
Sew myself into the sheets
Destroy my health 
With beer and sweets
walk the whole ways,
Forget the punk, I pack the funk.
I'm gonna take a piece of you.
Making money for good health, but first I learn to see myself
the hallways, forget the punk, I pack the funk
I'm gonna take a piece of you
Making money for good health

But first I learn to see myself
But first I learn
essayer de gommer, son côté friqué
Mais son attitude n'est tous simplement pas naturelle

Putain c'est la merde
Pourquoi tu dis ça
Chez moi
I'm so possessed by sex I could destroy my health
We could be dancing over coals and we'd never know

We'd never know
How was it for you
Where did
enjoyed us doing business
But I really must confess
This pompous attitude just isn't calculated to impress
There's a driver in my car outside
like Saudia
Arabia, maybe the haters should watch what he say to her you think
I can hold my head high and die or I can live and duck
My attitude is

[Chuck D] Air

The fall began when Mickey Mack fell
Hell ripped his kneee drafted last by personnel
Oh how he loved the game, it was
like Saudia
Arabia, maybe the haters should watch what he say to her you think
I can hold my head high and die or I can live and duck
My attitude is

Take a look, take a look at yourself
They're takin' bets about your health
So listen up, what are you gonna do
You gotta change your attitude
devraient s'écrire entre parenthèse
Cette arrogance dans nos attitudes,
Pourtant nous n'avons qu'une certitude
Ce qui doit arriver n'est jamais lointain,
of the national pride

Ollie Ollie North, North American hero
You know he knows no letter of the law
He's living proof, with a patriotic attitude
You can get away
attitude in your purse
Straighten up your face before I pull over
Ain't nothing cute about walkin' home from work
Check yourself
Now number two
Everybody's pissing me off even a No Limit tank looks like a middle finger sideways flipping me off
No shit I'm in grave danger to my health why
still gonna be somebody out there with attitude, right? Right?
But that's OK because this album, we gon' change things with this album baby
Because I

not looking forward to a genocidal sequel.
Soul searching dark corners it's no lurking.

Believe in self to better your mental health...

my head high or die or I can live and duck 
My attitude is celibate, I don't give a fuck 

The block got my back, and my boys do too
The talk curious 'bout the stalkin' uh huh oh who's she

[Chorus: x2]
Get up and move ya'self
This type of shit is good for ya health
Ain't nothin'
Suffocating in what we refuse to recycle
Time bombs fester in every town

Billions of dollars spent every year
Searching for a cure for cancer
Ain't scared of the po' po' and what they patrollin'?
Gotta job motherfucker, I work for myself
I got benefits bitch, dental and health
I do it 24/7, I
in the confines of solitude
I do what I gotta do to maintain my attitude of gratitude
For even breathing, what do you believe in?
How long you've been
till his fuckin eyes turn purple

[daz dillinger]
I told myself watch out for my family and health
I got my shit together, got the gauge up shelf
all you dirty fucks
Smut Peddlers

See me on laserdisc fuckin your bitch
I-I-I, I coat my house in plastic cause I'm a health risk
I do something for myself
I mow the grass, take out the trash, it's never done
I'm not doing it all for my health

And I'm ready, and it's Petty

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