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checking for Peach-a
B- boys makin' with the freak freak
B- boys makin' with the freak freak
B- boys makin' with the freak freak
B- boys makin' with
A- I´ll always want you 
B- Because my heart is true 
C- Come, come, come closer 
And I´ll tell you of the ABC´s 
D- Darling believe me 
they shall inherit the earth

B- line Fi blow speaker bow
Selector drop De needle watch the jumping Jacks
B- line Fi blow speaker bow
i only whanted to do things my way baby
ooohh i got to get a chance with this
ohhh first i feel so i can get with this 
ooohhh i can't belive
ain't that far from Waco to Galveston
I'm what you get when you mix a Prairie dog and an old beach bum
Cow chips, B-S and ships ahoy
I'm a saltwater
a bunyan
I'm B-S and you B-S
But I'm Brick Squad and you bullshit
Pistol like a chapporone
We goin' on a school trip
Places that you neva' seen
my ass!
Wait till ya get a load of me!

I ain’t got B-S in my bag
That’s the one thing you can believe
My heart is gold, my body is lax
never put up with B-S from anyone
But I take it from you
Ain't that some love

And I never had no one put me through what you do
But as long as it's
B- my name is Betty.
I'm gonna marry Bobby.
We're gonna sell beans
And live in Brazil.

C- my name is Connie.
I'm gonna marry Charlie.

To the L, to the Y, and the T, to the E
Rock a party and rock a party and rock a
Party int the B- girl stance.