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large scale change
"Right here, I`m R. Prophet, a.k.a., the Galloping Ghost."

Big V: Big V. Sex, money, and bud.

B. Still: Yeah, B. Still, a.k.a., the Black
on the cadilac we so real
Skinny deville return like a bat out of hell
Hell don't ya think nappy roots comin as well
Big V, B. Stille, Prophet, Clutch, and Fish
Aw yeah-now that ain't Al B. Sure!

'Ya know I always see the lady
She drives me crazy all night
Except my baby doesn't know
I need
Going Gets Rough
I Ain't Scared Of
Your Brother
I Ain't Scared Of No Sheets
I Ain't Scare Of Nobody
Girl When The
Goin' Gets Mean

(L. T. B. Rap
gaily, they seem to shout.
"Try and catch us -- we're way too nimble."
It's the monkeys, dancing about.


Now the large cats are joining
Erase bridge?
Go to outputs
Large scale integration
No source statements
Give me, give me flowchart
All died on call? databus
poor and powerless to break out of their poverty
Are also those who by and large are non-white, non-western, third world
Poverty and powerlessness are
The large scale plan that once where
You've now drained from life
A helpless excuse, a falling reality

Who knows the proper reasons
Why it
Words that I made'll create an iller scene
Eric B. is the fly human being on the guillotine
Hook 'em up to a respirator, 'cause it's the mista
I know)

[B. Stille]
Why'all ain't never heard of B. Stille, the look that seals
Screwed up coupe DeVille, peep the vertical grill
Well Killa
R.O.C., we running this rap shit
Memphis Bleek, we running this rap shit
B. Mac, we running this rap shit
Freeway, we run this rap shit
R.O.C., we runnin this rap shit
Memphis Bleek, we runnin this rap shit
B. Mac, we runnin this rap shit
Freeway, we run this rap shit
R.O.C., we running this rap s***
Memphis Bleek, we running this rap s***
B. Mac, we running this rap s***
Freeway, we run this rap s***
R.O.C., we running this rap shit
Memphis Bleek, we running this rap shit
B. Mac, we running this rap shit
Freeway, we run this rap shit
and dust off my pants and
Just came from the ranch but they swear we was ?
B. Stille and them be chilling, spending the time with our children
Finna mail
[B. Stille]
This is for you, and you, and you, and you

[Verse 1 - B. Stille]
Now I came up with little bad ass yeagas, to never had ass yeagas
Represent for the M-I-L, the A-T-L, the Macktown (Macktown)
Stay smokin that smackdown, keep myself a little half pound (half pound)
You know B. Stille in
these b. need me they f. me then feed don't make no house wife I kno goddamn free

[gurl verse]
I could be a pimp if I wanna bossin these niggas arounds
day he would buy

No, he wasn't thinkin' of some average ride
A human cannonball has a lot of pride
If you're gonna live large you need a hydramatic
small successes with programs designed to create a future for some of those children, no one came up with a large scale program that delt effectedly, with
I don't give a damn about a hater, I'm goin'
Eyes on the motherfuckin' prize and
I won't get disturbed and come down from my throne
B. Hood,
of Comedy
You know too sharp Steve Harvey, Burnie B. Mac
Keepin' it on the D.L Hugley

we come to get busy 
Deep in roots  but my name ain't Kizzie 

Many many march 'cause I'm heavy on the starch 
Never tell a farce when I scale
(Real bad)
Niggas actin' bad (Ooh, ooh)
I grew up listenin' to Too Short and Freddie B.
It's some nigas out there between Magic Mike and Calvin