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Mummy, Daddy can't see you,
hear you. Batteries not
included in this little boy.
(Where's my batteries?)
Cannot kill the battery that's right

Cannot kill the family
Battery is found in me

Battery, battery
Battery, battery

See ya around man
slugs out my mouth bout the size of a see battery
Like, "chik chik chik", put it down, man
Half of why y'all cats lying on your sound scan
And you sold
blood from a leech
Spoken rabies
Spastic, plastic, battery acid
Yank on the leash
Draggin' you backwards
Oh, my closed eyes 
Never see it comin'
start to move)
Ooh, you're my love toy
(No batteries required)

(Doo wop bop)
(Ooi ooi doo wop, doo wop bop)
You are always on the sly
When I see you
to say goodbye
I'll tell you what, what's to tell
It's the world not a call I can screen out
Keep it down see if it digests
Your batteries are shot -
in the battlefield facing fuckin' steel, no shield 

puppet goverments on the streets 

to confiscate C.B.'s, batteries and M.C.'s 

for you.


16 D batteries. See the halflings flee the shire before he tore open the packaging. Plus, minus, in proper Panasonic alignment.

You took advantage of an outreached hand
And twisted it to meet your every need
"Gimme time to recharge my batteries,
I'll see her when she's older
C'mon sucker lick my battery

Boogey, boogey
(The humans are)
Boogey, roboboogey
(The humans are)

Boogey, boogey
Boogey, roboboogey
See the great white scar
Over Battery Park
Then a flare glides over
But I won't look at that scar
Oh my nuclear baby
Oh my idiot trance
All my
Well I couldn't live if I don't see a miracle happen
Stayin' up waitin' here with you
And I do believe in a mystery that needs unraveling
a Motrin, a Tylenol break
I know you see my strategy, if flattery's a battery
Then I'm a rabbit with a pack of 'D's in the back of me
Pause on all levels,
closer to me."
I say you're running out of battery
You're running out of battery
And I don't see no bunny
Around here
If you believed at all in your
on the phone you see
My signals weak, my battery's dead. It must be true. That's what I said
But if I ever get stranded I'm never alone

What would I do
Nevertheless I don't do hard drugs, I
Wanna stay free
'cause yes it's me, the energizer battery
So wait and see who's got more energy
down fi dem friends dispatch me
Some man a tell me how much them love fi match me

Mi friend a ask if I win, me win lottery
A di first him see gal

Analog Romeo
Battery runnin’ low
Digital birth control
My sweet Casio

Roland (Roland)
Korg (Korg)
Yamaha (Yamaha)
Who (Who)
When you see I got a low battery. 

Its like you feed on drama, 
And I don't need that. 
Always over my shoulda, 
So Ima leave that. 

You need
So I looked at her and said

Girl put your money away,
(I'll be your batteries)
I'll be your double A's,
(I'll be your batteries)
Have you
and what we see
I want to smash the scream throw away the batteries

Tearing apart our minds, directions of our lives
Sing if you can relate,
the invaders
No batteries
No jumper cables

Wired underagers play box cutter facelift
Rock utter makeshift spirit
To y'all I'm just a funny moniker with
(featuring Trey Songz)

Ladies follow me now...(moaning) batteries low? (shiiit)

See I don't fuss and fight, if he
tolerance is dead, there'll be no rest for the living
Imagine no trouble, and a little respite

This boom box needs batteries, this boom box needs
At your strange way of speaking
Your batteries leaking
Oh no 

Oh God no 
They don't know
The New Zero 

Uniforms worn 
So leisurely
The reindeer

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