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I see, catastrophe...
I feel a thousand that die,
Just for what I say,
I see, the ignorance...
I feel the ration around,
Must have
I want to be a lawyer
Doctor or professor
A member of the UMC

I want an air conditioner
Cottage on the river
And all the money I can see

Down at the station we question 
Our rations but you seem satisfied 
With the little received fractured 
Appetite with bismuth pink on tap
Your smile is fading a bit, so I ration it
Don't think about it
Here where the Mississippi quits
Where it's still got a bit of Minnesota in it

Ken-L-Ration dog food makes your wife's complexion clear.
Chew chocolate-covered mothballs -- they're sure to satisfy.
Brush your teeth with Lifebuoy soap
And we who couldn't bear to believe they might make it
We got to close our eyes
Cut up our losses into doable doses
Ration our tears and sighs

Meanwhile, I've meant to ration my thoughts 
To help quicken this sloth driven day 
As I wait, my joints slowly stiffen 
They're warning me
deep inside the grooves

And it's time to shake the rations
Cause someone's gonna cash in
The plot it turns again
The reference starts at ten

Well show
clay as far as you could see 
But treasures lay in trillions beneath 

Try not to talk about it
Oh you two 

Your treasure talks in droves
The troop was weak and weary, rations running low
Mission seemed impossible, we had to save the show
Lost our map and compass, canteens got a hole
Waiting by the shoreline
In Somalia for your reply
I need you to come see me
That's no lie
The guns are getting closer
The sweat pours like dew
You see kids were so much wiser after the wars

But Diddy hadn't had enough, she had to get some more
On a ration piece of paper
She wrote 'Eunice, I'm
through a storm
Big yard survival keep me strong
Face I see in that old mirror
Too foggy and it ain't gettin' no clearer
Overcoat me like mess hall
Hello, my sweet one.
Hold still until they pass by.
No, don't let them see you.
They'll take what's left of our lives.

Too late for the cameras
Spitting blood in a sink in a German hotel bathroom
A wet clot of red gum juice, souvenir of wisdom's ration
Rinsing face, drying hair, humming "Oh
My destination is unknown
And I've lost my way
But I still have water
With my rations running low
I am so fatigued
Can I go much further?
And not a drop spilled from his hand

No, no
No, no, no, no ,no

You could see it in his eyes
Touching natures grace
The buttered cups tattoed his warrior
break your day for pay and ration

killed by an angel
lost inside amazing colors
it's never how you feel
it comes in
on the cannon of the tank the prowls.

Holy war, deliver me, rest my fear, I can not see.

Nameless, but I know the faces of the kids I sleep in Jezebel's
the C-O-double-M-O-N
Synonym for fresh, truth is the emb-lem
Hardcore since I was next door to Clem and them
Cold as the winter when fake niggaz was shiverin
Across the golden east
I see your preparations
Invite me first to feast
Take me I'm yours
Because dreams are made of this
Forever there'll be
you see is what you get
Lost more than a mil on a gambling bet
So here's the Chuck-wagon for the dog in you,
Here's the kennel ration and the Alpo
and preens and dresses like the pits of fashion
Our poorest citizens, our farmers, live ration to ration
As Wall Street robs 'em blind in search of chips
a tramp, a wet food stamp,
I think it's time for me to break camp
Had a crush on my man the first time we met.
Now what you see is what you get
Lost more
couldn't belive your eyes 

when you see what the fuck is comin' 

psyclones all you sorry mothafuckas runnin' 

the city has turned