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Let 'em know how we do it down in the C.O
We 'bout to get the thang started
Know what I'm sayin'? The year 2000

I'm 'bout to let these
C.O's try to grave you it's painful to even know 
Those that are most faithful, will betray you 
I lay lo-key 
Cause I ain't heard the least 

but then I put him in a chokehold
Took the knife and in his neck I put a hole
Suddenly all the C.O's come to me and it's me they hold
Beat my ass
Listen Ms. X-and-O, you love my flow
Baby I'm waitin' on your mail, here come the C.O
Ma it's Tony Yayo, girl I'm bound to blow
I can't wait to come
my free throw (stay away)
I'm in love, just like Ne-Yo
Bustin' bustin', now he Neo
Free my homies, fuck the C.O
Fuck the judge, fuck my P.O
See its like this, when you rap people just clap, when I rap
They shed tears, they no that So So C.O flow crazy
Like Britney Spears, it is,
Ask yo
ain't whoa! the judge ain't whoa!
C.O's ain't whoa! P.O's ain't whoa!
Play y'allself I get the G.I Joe
D-I-see, k riders ain't whoa!

I'll rip your
where I be is zero
If there's a prison out there that can fit me
I could stay, I'd copulate with her if she a C.O
Long as she don't gossip, I get her