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Magpie comes a calling
Drops a marble from the sky
Tin roof sounds alarming
"Wake up child"
"Let this be a warning"
Says the magpie
As the winds blows through the trees, it sometimes seems to whispers he is calling me  Then when the rain drops falls on the ground it seems itÆs him
the breezes calling me

I drop my load to rest a while
I close my eyes to hear
Listen to the voices in the breezes calling me
The song is growing stronger
Take a stab for the waiting crowd.
This time we fold, as the future draws your name.

So stay away, when you go away.
Now that its void.
on the trail
The crimson drops are calling out to me come and follow
I am the God who made you
Let Me show you how to live and I cry

I want to be a God
vests against the crystal flakes.

I've been trying to get people to call me Freddy Mercury. 
People keep calling me drop dead Fred. 
It's hard
so beautiful like a dream.
Calling on midnight flying things.
Drop your kisses all down with the slightest of sounds.
Angel blue eyes.
Baby's got those
Pathetic little hypocrite
Your calling me a whore

And every drop of red just turns our white to rust
All you do is take away the only thing I love
All the rain keeps falling
And these hoes keep calling

Ah, all these rain drops falling on my window
Got me wishing that we did the things
time means nothing
And your world is standing still
Listen world, he's calling
If you feel me, drop down and kneel
Can you feel it?
Just remember,
like I'm about to see for myself.

If I could go back in time to the place in my soul,there all alone
Lonely tear drops,
Ooh,are calling you.
But I
I'm getting closer I'm just... the face
All the sinners star calling God, 
All the rappers start calling Mace, 
Drop sounding like
to live in it, God is preeminent
And forgiveness is unlimited, but stop and


From the flats to the drops to the burbs
Calling out
drop and bubbling Leslie
Calling me home like Haile Selassie

Pilgrim beside the fire
Its been a long winter
We got a lot in common
Cover our heads
body inside out
This is really going to hurt
Diving to the sea of hell
Can you hear the judgment bells
It's ringing for you and I

Hear how it's calling
A stolen kiss, a moment to run free
The veil drops in an instant to reveal a flashback
A postcard from a distant dream

Moon palace
On a frozen
Calling out

Every leaf on every tree
And every drop of water in the sea
Every grain of weathered sand
That smashes itself onto dry land
Every stone
scream out like the sea
Union upon union
Drop the sweetest drop

I think about you all day
Calling the sacred first
Rolling the sunlit day
Give me
your steel front doorframe
"Dinner's in the microwave, sweetie"
Leipzig is calling you Henry
Leipzig is calling you Jane
Leipzig is calling you
might hear you calling
And come to help you soon
Ooh they crash into each other, jelly beans
Eating them and throwing them forever cherry drops
might hear you calling
And come to help you soon

Oh they crash into each other, jelly beans
Eating them and throwing them forever cherry drops
you're feeling low
I see her everywhere
Long amber hair
Calling out my name
I'm calling just the same
Midnight is in her eyes
Tear drops like a child

That pussy keep calling me (calling me)
Damn! Get me in trouble
That pussy keep

And I'm always falling when you come calling
Always falling when you come calling
On my door that drip and drop
Ticktickity tock like a lovers
[Lil Wayne]
Drop, drop, drop, what what what
After you back it up then stop
What, what, wha, drop it like its hot
After you back it up and stop