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Banana chips for you! 
Banana chips for me! 
In the afternoon, Banana chips and tea. 
Sliced bananas lightly fried with coconut oil. mmm...

Whoa oh oh oh chip, chip you tell a little lie
Chip, chip, you make your baby cry
Chip, chip, you cheat a little bit
Chip, chip, you quarrel
and they ask me
To buy for them or smoke some weed
Tell them to fuck off - go away
They say I've got a problem
Yeah, I got a chip on my shoulder

get through some day.
I want your love, baby,
Push, don't shove
Gonna chip that stone away.

Chip away,
Chip away at the stone.
I won't stop
I used to have some fun
Me and everyone
Now I'm just employed

I'm a chip away boy
I'm a chip away boy

I remember humid nights
I remember how
Tonight I will follow her and let the chips fall
So let the chips fall let them fall where they may
My moment of truth is fast on its way

Soon I will
Chips on my shoulder
More as I grow older
Feel I owe a debt
For the things I don't get
I only miss out
Well I was there before
I sit in
Marinatin on the corner with a chip in his phone
You can tell that the hillside was his home
Mo' scratch than the rest of the pushers
Cause he got
get through some day.
I want your love, baby,
Push, don't shove
Gonna chip that stone away.

Chip away,
Chip away at the stone.
I won't stop
a fire

Hot Chip with break your legs, snap off your head
Hot Chip will put you down, under the ground

Excuse me child, I am trying to see all
I'm telling you now and I'm telling you this
Life can be an onward, downward

I'm not saying they're really thick
and someone to drive around town
I need someone to love when the chips are down
Love me when the chips are down
Will you love me when the chips are down?
growing up
You start sleeping around
Chip & Tony said, it was against the law

Up on the mound
I was ten feet tall
Had my black turtleneck
Fish and Chips
A little coke and you, oh, babe
Honey drips
Two more to go, oh, babe
Let's go on back
The trip will be groovy, oh, babe
Jump in
I got a bee in my bonnet
Got a chip on my shoulder
I got a hole in my shoe
And my toes are getting colder
I got ants in my pants
I got fries in
Silicon chip
In my head
I had a

Silicon chip
In my head
Ah. I'm losing my mind control
I'm losing my mind
Are you losing your mind?
Mind control
the caterer

I deal chips from the left
Chicken and chips off the bone
I offer all on the menu
Stick with me, stick with me
I am your caterer
I am your
As your body goes bigger,
Your mind must flower,
Its great to learn
'Cause knowledge is power!
It's school house rocky,
A chip off the block
My name's Lyle

And I said ooh give back my heart chip kicker-redneck woman
Take your boots and walk out of my life
Ooh give back my heart chip
It's a showdown!
And the winner lives
It's a lowdown!
Dirty game of wits

Some people fight for women or gold
I fight this chip on my shoulder
Save some blue chips for me
I hope that I'm alive to see

Let the honey flow
Watch the cat below
Grow, you know

Smarter than it looks
featuring see Murder  Master P 


Stack yo Chips  get yo paper 

Ball til you fall  young nigga fuck the haters 

Stack yo
move on
When I move on

Somewhere, someone's calling me
And when the chips are down
I'm just a travelling man
Maybe it's just a trick of the mind,
tears, her breakfast order

She's gone, gone, gone

There is a moment, a chip in time
When leaving home is the lesser crime
When your eyes are blind
a girl she's got a lust for danger
Thinks being tough makes her the Lone Ranger
But when the chips are down it's loving she craves
She's just another

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