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Stiff competition
If I go up you take me higher
Stiff competition

And when I'm down you take me higher
There's stiff competition all over

We sit and listen very closely to you
Feel your, your wisdom and your
Magic lies, girls and guys
You make us want to cry, cry, cry, cry
Stiff competition
If I go up-you take me higher
Stiff competition
And when I'm down, you take me higher
There's stiff competition all over
No competition, no competition
You get what you like, what you need
Here we are, in the lead
Do no [~], do no wrong
Bring it on, bring it
No competition 


No competition 


Competition is none  I remain at the top like the sun 

And I burn whoever come in
the market place we gotta clean cut image to keep 
(The competition is getting tighter and tighter) 
We gotta advertise, we gotta merchandise, ooh, oh, yeh
I won't be able to come to the table
Without the greenness that I believe in
Domewhere but I don't know
Thoughts of competition will take hold
I just can't stop this
It's risky business
Being you're mistress
Keepin' me hush

You're girlfriend's got competition
She's got competition
In competition for the worst first line I could use
In conversation for the first time
Find salvation and breathe in each breath that I choose
Meet my team 
A contingency of nasty people 
Wayne saw it 
Let the competition begin

Want some? 
Get some 
Wake up and meet my team

Step it up my life
Spent round the clock
Has got me running on a treadmill with no time to stop
And competition has put a price on time,

Lets rock to
S-dot-Carter y'all must try harder, competition is, nada
Ladies scream, papa, niggas can't stop ya, competition is, no, no, no
Y'all must try harder
Competition is

Ladies scream papa
Niggas can't stop ya
Competition is

No, no, no
The drug related homicide of a nation as society is plagued by mass addiction.
The numbers culled eliminates competition.
Pulling others in
Ain't it sad to see a good love fall to pieces
Chalk another heartbreak up to foolish pride

Turn out the lights the competition's over
The stubborn souls
Look out Look out 
From over the rooftop

Competition coming up now
Load up. Aim. Fire! Fire! Pop!
Competition coming up now
Load up. Aim. Fire!
Everything is so confusing

competition swallows me
From a life where what you hear ain't always what you see
Competition worries me
Brings out the best in you
Call me up, if I'm home
Don't say too much, I might be upset
Let us agree to differ
We're consumed by competition

Having fun is my
Yes if I don't get some competition, you know there's gonna be trouble here

Yes you know my woman tried to quit me, when I ain't done nothing wrong
on stayin'
Can't decide on which way to go
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I understand about indecision
But I don't care if I get behind
People livin' in competition
All I
all you got
Don't believe competition for your feeble mind
Can't you see competition for your feeble mind
Was all that you ever got

You've been
said i(i said i) like competition (like competition)
Yeah, yeah, yeah cause a little competition now keeps me condition now

Oh, oh, oh so you better
Everybody wants to shine
But they can keep on wishing, 'cause ain't no stars made overnight
And ain't no competition (out here), 'petition (out
I gotta steal a heart tonight
Night life, hot spotlight
I'll show them how to dance tonight

I know that the competition's heavy
I know that
All in one wave
None on their side
Or in-between

Has always been on your mind
No long-forgotten quest
No accidental thirst