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cruising round town,
Got some nuddie boots, got a big city cuttie
Blonde hair Brown roots,
look out another hometown hick done struck it
Hillbilly rich.
heart beat keeps on hammering

I met a little cuttie back in sixty six
She used to tie you up and beat you with a walking stick
I said mama call
block the coupes
Watch the deuce
Man I'm stingy with my cuttie cat daddy
Did you ever really love me steebie, rr'
Pull up in the rr'
Wrist on burr
know you're sick like the flu if you don't know what I do

Mr. Cuttie Pie, did you flash back to Superfly?
All their stars wanna do me, why who am I?
close for a dose with the West-Coast chopgame 
Nickie but don't cuttie 
Only water in the clip for DPG I had to fuck with 

Uhhh, Uhhh, 
Follow that
and the sly
Rolling by, hey girl can you be my cuttie pie
We're gonna bump and grind till the break of dawn
I'ma keep you in my mind and put you in my next
an Legit wit the be,
Niggaz know fuck tha cuttie wit the triple gold beam.


Niggaz from the Bay be so damn vicious,
Fly to Atlanta fuck
Cuttie that's Graimmie
Yeah they might want us, but they won't get behind me
Now I'm doing ninety, all gas no breaks
Fucking with your boy, get your