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Advertising Space Pt. 1 (Pal/Region 0) (Robbie Williams) · Mazatlan & North Pacific Region () · Region 4 (Los Concorde)

Anacaona, india de raza cautiva 
Anacaona, de la región primitiva. 

Anacaona, india de raza cautiva 
Anacaona, de la región primitiva.
Enquanto isso anoitece em certas regiões
E se pudéssemos ter a velocidade para ver tudo
Assistiríamos tudo

A madrugada perto da noite escurecendo
A week ago you said to me
"Do you believe I'll never be too far"
If you're lost, just look for me
You'll find me in the region of the summer stars
Hello from inside a shell you can see me cause my shell is invisible. It was made especially for me by the brilliant inventor Lecithin E. I ride my
Wo yea-e ha-ah-ah yea-ha-ah hammh mmh mmh 
Yea-yea-e aye-ya-ah oh-oh-oh 

Give it up Greedy Joe-o-o. 
See yu taking and yu bound fi fall, mi come fi
El rey de los cielos muy bien escuchó
Remonta los vientos para otra región
Deshizo las nubes después se acostó
Los indios la cubren con una oración
networking and campaigning like Arnold Schwarzenegger
Like McCormick's, I'm seasoned, I run my region (You run your region)
Y'all think I'm starving, hell naw
(Yeah...I'm gonna take it light...Yeah...D-E-L in the house...funky,
funky, funky lyrics...check this out)

I contemplate a rhythm with
to announce to you that these Little Green Men actually do exist, for they are part of the eternal past and venture from all regions of our galaxy to find
won't flow for this ice, notes is the price
Lil sis' walk away with the dough, y'all niggaz still broke
While my pockets on re-up
Y'all niggaz shit on E
burger on the market, Captain a nigga starship 
I never departed once I started 
To explore these regions that was uncharted 
Leave your heart broken,
Pronto volveré, me alimentaré de lo vivido 
Todo va a estar bien, si es que tu querer está conmigo

Voy en tránsito por otra región 
Encontrando nuevas
Jeff performed a reading of this poem by edgar allan poe for the tribute compilation closed on account of rabies, produced by hal willner.
Kerzen Schein
Er leuchtet fahl
Als das Sonnenlicht er stahl
Und nur das gro_e Himmelszelt
Bezeugt das Ende dieser Welt
So feed the spark
Screwed Up Click, my click of G's
Ah you got to feel that player M-O-E
Rolling with the Los, running with the codeine
And we about
I'm from deeper galaxies than regions unknown 
And my legion is grown in amazin' ways 
Preparing for these crazy days hey 

I like this Rick Rock

I don't be slackin in my mackin, I be doin it in a player fashion
Makin it happen, speakers slappin, scootin and skatin
[Featuring E 40 Rappin 4 Tay Spice 1] 
Weeble lations!! 
(*E 40*) 
Weeble lations testin testin. 
Testin testin 
hey turn my mic up this a bitch
Y'a longtemps ej' min rappell'
Ch'étot l'âm' ed' la région
I fallot l'saquer à l'pelle
Dins chés tall's éeh' earbon
In étot noyés d'sueur
In y
Yeah man!

Yes, the first cut should be the deepest
To penetrate beyond the muscle wall's inner regions
First you was icing me, connect with
reminded wit me recievin
The rap regions rinances are a requirement regardin
You ain't ready to register for retirement
Repair your retina, realize ain't
a fo'-fo' out the pillow 
Wit a silencer, la costra nostra cats, they admired her 
They hide a force sting to hit the North Region king of teamster 
Never been a harder rhymer in my region globaly that's holdin' me I'm totaly hard and bossed up
Why you think the majority of the rap musical authority
to eat niggaz up, beat they ass and e'rything, son.
I'ma prove this shit, right here.
Me and my nigga. what!?

[movie sample]
Violence and punishment
fam, all area crew (AOWWWWWWWWW)
Yeah mon!!

Yes, the first cut should be the deepest
to penetrate beyond the muscle wall's inner regions
First you