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Lost in the own memory
Point of no return
Hopeless look backward
It's time to say goodbye?
Save me, I don’t wanna be lost but found
Save me so I won’t burn this whole thing down
Save me from myself and my

Gonna keep up
to think I trusted you things will never be the same what's the are-E-V without some one who knows what's the are-E-V if you don't already know walk around
hungry flames, you're falling
To burn away your sins
R.e.v. (R.e.v.)
Into the fire's deadly flames, you're falling
Right into the void
Chiseled into the white around the pupils screaming
R e v o l u t i o n

And as the eye giant and green
Sort of oozed with no obvious
for revival!

are are are Revival Yeah
Revival [Repeat: x5]

It's gonna lift you right up
From your prison cell
Play it
makes us feel strong
We will unite in our kingdom
In our hearts we believe
That the strong will survive
Power and glory f o are e v e are [2x]

your gun we could ride tonight 

and ain't no game as I stroll on 

nigga you know this S-E-are-V mister get my ride ON 

All my thug niggas ride
Ready to knock ya head off for that paper
Always down for a caper, 
Mr. S-E-R-V
I'm going through some thangs, lord help me

I'm going through some
[Mr. Serv-On]
Don't play yourself, you know who this is, Lifetime Records ya heard
S-E-are-V, I got my Blackwater homies in here, yo tell 'em how
R.I.D.G.E.G.R.O.V.E bring this to the door
No love loss bitch
North Memphis in the fuckin house
Fuckin bustin bitches
Now you hoes gotta run your mouth
My glock is like
here for you let me hear you say
H.I.G.H.E.R. L.O.V.E.
V E are T

(Chorus x2)
Every bitch wants to be fucked
Every nigga wants his meat sucked
And if you're lying y'all just touch and front

I see you
and a wife
But when a Chevy pulls up by you at the lights
Your foot goes down and your knuckles go white
You're an are-E-V H-E-A-D Rev 'em up boys
mr. mac-10,
With the infrared grin, I can't pretend,
Who I be, the s-e-are-v aka billy badgate
Jack you for your safe, with guns in your daughters face
suggest you give
Your woman the treatment of a queen and supply her
With some of that baby face routine, know what I mean?
T-e-n-d-e-r l-o-v
around so long
So So Def, but made it tight
Then went from a deejay to an emcee
To the are-E-V like overnight
Everybody lookin, players get shook when