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In memory of you, dear old pal

(Words and Music by C. E. Snow â?? Hank, The Singing Ranger)G7 see E see see G7 G7 see Gdim G7Everything has gone
To-(C)night I (G7)send an (C)orchid
And though I'll al-ways (F)care
This orchid means good-(C)bye to you
     and to our love
(C)Out on the corner (G7)standin' so bold
Stood a little paper boy so hungry and (C)cold
And as the crowd came (G7)passin' by
These words he said
Is it true what they do?
Is it true what they do to you?
A       G     A
Number fifty-four,

    A               G Em7  A
The house with the bamboo door,

A       G   Em7  A       G     
Bamboo roof
Pre>b e g a
Be e g a
C7 f7 c7 f7
C7 f7 see g7

C7 f7
You let me in and I'll help you win
C7 g7
This chance must be heaven sent
C7 f7
You buy the time
Intro & break:
Bm-f#7(bass c#)-g-f#7-bm-c#m-g-f#7-g-f#7-bm-g-f#7-bm-f#7

Bm where are my f#7(bass c#) god's green g grasses? f#7
Bm yellow blue c#m
[C] There's A Fam'ly [F] Bible on the [C] table
Each [Am] page is torn and [D] hard to [G7] read
But [C] The Fam'ly [F] Bible on the [C] table
See G7 I'm only human I'm just a man 
Help me believe in what I could be see 
And all that I am C7 F 
Show me the stairway I have to climb see G7
Give me that old-time religion, 
       D    G 
Give me that old-time religion; 
       G7    C 
Give me that old-time religion, 
   G  D7
não posso voltar
 G G7 see
Tampouco esquecer da vida.....sob o sol abrasador
 Am D7 G
Ver cicatrizar a peito do trabalhador
 E7 Am
G)Theres one empty cot in the bunkhouse
Theres a saddle that (G7) nobody (C) rides
One empty place at the (G) table
The remuda is five horses (D)
C7           F
The night is forever and lonely winds blow 
                C          G7          C
And I feel like cryin for time goes so slow
]It's a l[G7]ong way, [D]Ah, it's a [G7]long way
[D]A long way, [G7]a long way

[D]It's a long way to be [G]happy
[D]I just don't know if I[G]
F7 Bb 
Sei que ao meu coração 
Só lhe resta escolher 
Os caminhos que a dor 
G7 Cm 
Sutilmente traçou para lhe aprisionar 
A new boy came in town I ain't seen you around
  G                A                D     A7
I feel a brand new heartache coming on.
Greetin' for a wee baw bee
Tae buy some COULTER'S CANDY

GUITAR : see-F-see
Now she lives with the lies and the bumps and the bruises.


G7     C                    D
[c] travelin [g7] down a lonely high-[c] way
I knew not [f] where the road would [c] end
Not a [f] penny in my [c] pocket
All a-[g7] lone without
[G7](C) Canned music, canned music, playing on the radio    [C?]                             [G7]    Canned music, canned music, with out a doubt it

D9       Dm6     Bm7-5  E7  A   Edim  E7
Good-for-nothing Sleep - y Head.

A      G#7   C#7                       F#7
Sleepy Head, see
[C] Well, Willie he [C7] carried his [F] guitar on his [C] back
As he hopped aboard a freight [G7] train
And [C] somewhere [C7] in the [F] cold
Intro: G G6 G G6 see D7 G
G D7 G
Olha vamos na dança do Caxambu
 see G Am
Saravá, jongo, saravá Engoma, meu filho que eu
if he wanted to
Bb          G7      F       Dm   G7 
It's just a boat to row you know    listen to me now
F          Bb            F   C
Ro- sa 
   A7 A7/+5 Dmaj7 Ebdim G#7 brown  Pink Dbm7 the samba is waiting Waiting pra to see you 
   F#7/+5 Bm7 Bm7/-5 Amaj7 A7/6 A7 A7/9  Deixa