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of the powder toker

H.P. Keefmaker
Yo man, turn up the bass boy!
I Like it , i like it, i like it, ...

Alright everybody, tie your shoes! Yeah!
From the H.
to the teeth
And teeth to the loves and curses

Can you reach the spots that need oiling and fixing?

Help me, help me

Help me,
Prowlin' like a tomcat
Stunned at what I see
Should I stay or should I leave?
Too much, not enough P-C-H
Too much, not enough P-C-H
Feelin' kind of free
Is the road I'm on
If you'd like
You can come along
Just make sure
That it's what you want
And your will
Is strong

The brightest
outside to the passionate groove

So I wanna check the microphone
I wanna check the microphone
I wanna check, I wanna check
The Rick, the Ferris and MC H.P
We're mighty thankful now that H.E.L.P.'s on its way
Salad with a special knock you right off your seat
With carrot juice to wash it all down
just stopped when I saw your eyes on me
H-Y-P I'm hypnotised
H-Y-P I'm hypnotised

People look at me
Standing by my self
But I only can see
Am I un H A P P why?
Does a new born baby cry?
Did Elvis really die?
And I said to myself,
Is wrestling fixed?

Am I un H A P P why?
P-H-A-T!  (Phat phat..)

[Sonee Seeza]
Boy ya best to move over cause we takin the crazy's place
Phat, ready for combat, stacked, with all that tracks

vengeance blacklash alarm
Street boys fight napalm
Bred on work for H.P. payment
Lives in debt to black and agent
Christies sell for fifty
have made for them to see

And it will be
And it will be
H why P O see are I S why HYPOCRISY

This evening's great excuse is this:
To make your
One source of energy the ultimate discovery
Electric blue for me never more to be free
Electricity nuclear and H.E.P.
Carbon fuels from the sea
you, well it ain't no lie
h a p p y

come back down from your grey cloud
feel born again, say it out loud
don't you know hope can be found
you, well it ain't no lie
h a p p y

come back down from your grey cloud
feel born again, say it out loud
don't you know hope can be found
lenguaje del amor yo era el verbo en carne viva
Yo era el dueño de estos bailes pero todo termino por

Mr. P M.O.S.H
Mr. P M.O.S.H
Mr. P M.O.S.H
Mr. P
blow your mind away
Forever H-P-A! 

What now! It's going down! 
From way up top to the down low
Take a chromosome
Make it monochrome
And I'll
Für mein Alter
Bin ich ganz schön altklug sagen sie
Doch sie vergessen
Ich mach schon immer Rockmusik
Monster Magnet und Led Zep
Auch H.P. Zinker hat
That's the new word for today
It's very easy to say
Say Euphoria and you'll feel fine from the start

M-E-X-I-C-O mucha paint mucho scratch mucho dance mucho flow 
M-E-X-I-C-O mucha paint mucho scratsh mucho dance
up hands up
Scooter's in the house, hands up hands up
H.P.'s in the house, put 'em up put 'em up
H.P.'s in the house
He makes us jump jump jump
ihre Ups and Downs
Erst an der Strategie
Erkennt man

P.S.Y.C.H.O.S. they gotta say yes to another excess
P.S.Y.C.H.O.S. das Mittlemaß der Dinge ihr
you're happy
멀리서 난 널 지켜볼게
너 없이 I'm not happy but I hope you're happy
모든 기억들은 뒤로한 채

행복하게 날 잊고 살아줘
I hope you’re H-A-P-P-Y
행복하게 날 잊고 살아줘
I wish
slave to the h.p.

Until the unity is threatened by
Those who have and who have not,
Those who are with and those who are without
And dangle jobs

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