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off the light
I'm sick and tired of all your sob-stories

Shut up and shut your eyes
No more histrionics, no more college tries
Stop pushing, stop
The months and weeks have passed into a year
And your life has changed in some histrionic ways
A sentence passed is paraphrased in here
And you pick up
But we stand in the traffic indifferent
To the grand histrionics of God unmoved
substitute for pain
Histrionics, broken frames
Build a fire to thaw my brain
L.A. food store cabinet


I don't know why I do this time and time
a bunch of propaganda, make my fingers histrionic; like this, and this

I mean, she's my baby
But she makes me get avuncular
And when my monkey is
to everybody, I'm fuckin melodic
Niggaz comin out with drama, lookin mad histrionic
I bounce uniquely, get up on this land, destroy you like water
Yo mother